Saturday, 22 January 2022
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Wrass A Non Ting Fling – Sea Fishing Fun

yeah all well guys ? fishing down the gosport ferry after as many species as possible so its a bit of a species hunt ,its a bit tackle hungry down here but we gona try are best to get as many fish on camera as we possible can its a very tackle hungry venue, and we just going to be fishing the one hook ,its the most easy rig you can possilble make Its for beginneers or anyone whos fishing over ruff ground because your just going to end up losing stuff, its pointless making up £4 to £5 worth of rigs just to be chucking away into the sea, we take a couple feet of line four and half foot of shockleader line ,give it a snip

so basic we tie a lead link at the bottom, half blood knot 5 to 6 turns straight through the loop ,pull that down this is where we put our lead tie a swivel to the top half blood knot again five to six turns pull that nice and tight at the top of the rig we are manly fishing for pollack and we want our hook fishing off the bottom of the sea bed it a bit less snaggy pull a loop tie a double loop pass it twice pull that nics and tight and thats our standoff instead of useing a swivelsome twelve pound line just tie a blood knot seven to eight turns through the loop what we created pull that tight pull the snood ruffly to the lead is snip it off get a nice small hook this time im going to be useing a sabpolo size 2its not as big as a aberdean to tie on the hook we just do a full bloodknot seven to eight turns and ther we have it a very cheap inexpensive losable rig we only want just a little section of ragworm is all we need for the little species so first cast and a nice wrass to start us off beautifull markings can you see the blue? get him back just hook nice in the corner of his mouth better than catching whitting all day lads what can i say i think im cursed its raining every time i go out here we go just got another little wrass out its a little ballen wrass its swallowed the hook bless him there we go secound species nice little pouting

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