Saturday, 17 October 2020
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What is a Waddington Shank | Fly Tying Tip for Intruder Flies and Big Streamers

hey how's it going so one question I get a lot around a flight ID and some Steelhead flies that I tie our Waddington shanks what are they and why should I use them so start things off what are they they are a double Waddington shank I guess the technical term here you can see for a top view of one what it is it's a return I so here's your eye up front it's an upturned eye and it's a double so it comes all the way up it goes all the way down and returns back for a closed loop you can if you want less weight you can cut off one side you can actually hardwired hooks into them so there instead of using a hook it's a platform to tie a fly on that allows a lot of adaptation and variations so I mentioned about you can tie them stinger style and what they really do is they allow you to use on a fly that could be this big so this is a fly tight on a right here's a 45 millimeter Waddington there's a big intruder style fly and the hook that's in there is only a size four so you're able to really size down and use small hooks that will be less leverage when you're hooking a fish whenever you're playing them out you'll be able to tie a big fly with a small hook they make different sizes I've got some 15 millimeter there's 45 55 35 and there's 25 s as well so full length those sizes here's what you can do with like a 25 millimeter a nice simple kind of scandi style pattern easy to cast has some inherent weight but can also have be a platform for a nice large fly or you can even do something like this this is a 25 millimeter Waddington shank on a cascade style pattern for Atlantic salmon this fly has actually been fish caught fish and it's nice for this one though the little bit different is the hook is actually hardwired into it so where treble hooks are a little more prevalent you can actually on this return piece right there you could hardline a hook into there I use a piece of junction to but to hold it in place these style of flies are not anything new they've gained a lot of popularity recently in intruder style patterns and Pacific Northwest steelhead great lake steelhead but these have been around since 1950s hopefully I dispelled some myths about Waddington shanks or at least you got to see what they are check out these videos flies that I've tied on Waddington shanks you can see how to do the rigging how I rigged them with an eye up intruder style hook Waddington shanks pretty cool stuff 4/4 time big flies thanks

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