Saturday, 24 July 2021
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Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center 20th Anniversary – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

[Governor George Bush] This place is cool! ((clapping)) [Narration] Public figures and lots of media were on site at the opening of the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in 1996 [Phil Durocher] When we were looking at this facility, you'd see the drawings and you try to envision what's gonna be here and I don't think anybody envisioned what's here

[Narration] The Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center is an $18-million dollar facility dedicated to freshwater fishing in Texas It has a state-of-the art fish hatchery, visitor center and education features that can entertain any age Best of all, it didn't cost the state a dime The money was raised through private funding, corporate sponsors along with federal funding brought together by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation [Woman] Show me what the wiggly fish can do

((kid wiggles and laughs)) [Mandy Scott] Every year we have over 50,000 people visit us at our visitor's center and over half of them go fishing with us while they were here which we love to see [Girl] He caught a catfish! [Mandy] We hope that every visitor leaves here excited about fishing, educated about fisheries and also inspired to go home and do something to help conserve those resources [Man] That's a beautiful fish Look how pretty this fish is bubba [Narration] The center is also home to the Sharelunker program allowing anglers who catch a largemouth bass 13 pounds or more to donate their fish for genetic research

Lunker recipients receive a replica of their bass and have an opportunity to release their fish back into the lake [Angler] Time to let her go [Mandy] The sharelunker program really put Texas on the map as the premiere destination for trophy largemouth bass fishing ((truck driving in)) [Mandy] On the hatchery side, we produce between 4-6 million fingerlings of largemouth bass every year and they get stocked out all over Texas [Angler] That's a good fish

[Mandy] This makes an immediate impact to the fishing quality of Texas ((casting)) ((student chatter)) [Narration] Over the years, new facilities have been added including a conservation education building, a wetlands trail, and an angler's pavilion [Teacher to students] So this side is going to do ph [Dr Alan Sowards] We have a bunch of kids who are actively involved in their own learning

This is called the Wetland Adventure and this is the 15th year here at Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center [Teacher] Let's all go, we're going to go this way [Carter Smith] The freshwater fisheries center is that great example of planting a tree so somebody else can enjoy the shade We really are using that site as our platform to reach out to the next generation of stewards, the next generation of anglers, the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts ((clapping)) [Narration] And with donations like this, the future is anything but fishy for future anglers

[Angler] He's slimy huh? [Ed Cox] You have to pass that along though You have to bring the next generation of people along and say this is important It's important to our future, and it's important to our grandkids, and our kid's grandkids That's the most important thing [Narration] For Texas Parks and Wildlife, this is Karen Loke

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