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Tarpon Fly Fishing Key West in Beavertail Vengeance

>>Start pushing our way to- actually here's a group coming already See them right there at 10 o'clock

Go ahead put a shot out there about sixty feet Drop it on the next one Pick it up one more Go ten feet right Perfect, strip! Strip, strip, strip

There he is! >>Fish on baby! >>Good job Blair! >>Come on baby, look at that jump On the reel [laughing] That's what you got to love about the Florida keys baby! Get to the spot and cast and hook a tarpon >>You see him demolish that fly? >>He come up and sucked it down like it was going out of style >>Get ready

Here he comes again Nice jump >>That's the way they're supposed to eat it right? >>Yup! [Laughing] >>Welcome to this episode of Addictive Fishing We're off the Florida keys right now fishing in about oh three feet of water Got the Beavertail out today and we're catching tarpon in Key West

Oh come on! Might get a good jump here, come on baby Anyway, let me get back to it we're fishing with Captain Jared Cyr today- He's running left, he's running left! [Drag pulling] Woo! Now that the fish as finally turned the right way Let me tell you who we're with We're fishing today with Captain Jared Cyr out of Key West and the main target today we got on the other end of the line Everybody has been asking for fly shows, so here you go

Brought the buggy whip out today >>Funny when all the conditions get right this wind lays down, temperature warms up, these fish just go off >>That was neat, we got to the spot here the first one that rolled, very first one that rolled tossed to it and it come up and we saw that bucket open up and sucked that fly right down We haven't had a skinny running boat for a long time so we haven't really been fly fishing or fishing the flats much but it feels good to be back out here now brother >>These Beavertails are perfect for what we're doing

Quiet, shallow poling skiffs >>Doing the Mark Sosin technique >>Down and dirty >>You see what I'm doing here with the fly rod, when he runs to the left I'm kind of pulling him to the right and you can put your fly line in the water like this to give him just a litte more drag Only bad thing about that is if you're using a little bit light tippet, have a tendency to break them off

And I hate breaking off fish >>Oh nice jump! Coming at you, keep winding Good job Blair Pretty fish >>Uh oh, things just got interesting

>>[laughing] See what happened there, the knot got up in I'm using a real long leader >>What I'll do is I'm going to hop down there and see if I can't help you out Nice and gentle here, she's still pretty green >>This fly rod is awful short man! [Laughing] Oh the situations you get into fishing Uh oh, he gulped

Don't break my rod, don't break my rod [Laughing] Oh it's even a fun fight on a short stick >>Funny about this stuff is it goes from hours of boredom to minutes of chaos [Laughing] >>That's a neat sound with that rod going through the water >>We got leader, it's a caught fish

>>Oh grab it- Oh he's done [Laughing] >>Good job buddy that was awesome! >>I'm glad it floats <Blair>Gah this boat is quiet isn't it? <Jared>Boat is dead silent Quiet, rides good, super dry >>You know it's quiet when you can hear the camera boat slapping thirty yards away

>>Coming at eleven o'clock there you see them coming? Yup, you're right on them About a hundred feet out right now, hold on Alright go ahead and start your shot One more then drop it Perfect

Strip Easy, easy Keep stripping He's looking at it, he's looking at it Oh come on get it

Strip strip >>Right there by the boat buddy >>Oh my God look at that eat, wow, wow! That is incredible! >>Come on baby go! >>That is awesome Blair! >>Ah quit shaking that head! You still got him, you still got him Keep it low >>Come on clear that line

>>On the reel baby Was that cool or what? >>Woowow! >>I'm shaking so bad right now! >>He ate that thing ten feet from the boat, not even

>>I had the leader in the eyes Literally had the leader in the eyes when he ate >>Gotta love the Marquesas [Laughing] >>Gah I'm shaking so bad right now I can hardly move I didn't breathe for thirty seconds

He's tracking it, he's tracking it Ain't nothing like the feeling of catching a fish on a fly rod like this Let's see you get some more air there >>I think that's probably one of the coolest eats I've had all year >>That was probably one of the coolest eats I've ever had

Next to that buck-eighty we got on fly, but- >>Nothing like stalking them in a Beavertail >>Woo, dude this boat is so quiet It's the quietest boat I've ever been in and being poled around on or poled Unbelievable We're in a six to eight inch chop right now and this thing is absolutely dead silent That's why that fish ate two feet from the boat

Unbelievable I can't believe that fish ate that close [Laughing] Alright, welcome back folks A little bit of excitement right there We're going to try to keep everything in one piece this time

What we've done now, we've traveled- I guess I can say it can't I? >>Yup >>We've traveled out to the Marquesas now and the fish are here The fish are here What's the best time of year? I know right now is the, we're talking about the worm hatch going on But what's your best time do you think? >>I would say anytime between April and June

It's when our peak migration is But if we get the right weather windows, they can show up in February and March and we fish resident fish all the way into August and September >>That's when it's really nice and cool down here isn't it? >>But the beauty of that time of year is there's not a whole lot of people around so we got choice of all our spots and doing what we want >>Come on dude! Jared how long you been guiding down here now? >>This is my ninth year Born and raised down here

>>Born and raised, a true conch And if y'all remember Chris Trosset last year on the show they grew up, went to high school together grade school together Couldn't imagine growing up down here man >>Kids rode bicycles and we took boats [Laughing] ♪♪ >>That's probably one of the toughest tarpon I have ever fought

You ever had them where they just don't give up? >>Oh yeah, without a doubt Sometimes you get some of those breeding females man and they just fight and fight >>This is one of the toughest fish I've ever fought Uh right there Well we had him in the leader twice, especially when he ate that one [Laughing] We're going to re-rig and see if we can feed another one some chicken feathers brother

>>Good job buddy! >>That was awesome! <Blair>Welcome back folks, we're still at the Marquesas we got Capt Jared working his tail off for us and we are looking for them silver kings again y'all stick close to the tv and see what happens or if you're watching it on the Youtube channel, don't leave your computer I've heard a lot of different stories about the Marquesas here but what's your theory of how they were formed? <Jared>I'm not a hundred percent positive I've heard old wives tales it's everything from volcanic to meteors but I don't really know All I know is it makes an unbelievable place to fish >>It is absolutely beautiful and if y'all come down fishing, make sure you bring your Costas because it absolutely like somebody turns the lights on out here >>Alright Blair here's a group of fish out here at eleven o'clock you see them coming? Alright go ahead, sixty feet

Drop it on the next one Slow strip, slow Nice and easy, real slow pick it back up they're still coming, put one out here at these fish that haven't seen us yet Pick it back up, out here ten more feet on it next time, drop it

There you go strip it Nice and easy There he is! He swiped at it, missed keep stripping There he is, he ate it got him! Good job bud! Nice, keep stripping >>Come on baby, run! RUN! >>Run boy run

>>You're hooked run >>Jump, alright he listened to me on that one Good job Blair! >>On the reel baby- Oh and he just came off >>Hey that was a good one though >>Ugh, no he didn't he just turned! >>Ow, ow That was a little burn >>Good job Blair! God I thought that fish came off I got to say, this is the quickest back to back to back to back I've hooked tarpon

>>Welcome to the Florida Keys >>Got to love it >>Look at the whole school right here Look at this big school of fish right here by the boat >>What kind of school is that? [Laughing] >>A big one

[Laughing] >>This one is saying, I want to stay with the school but something big and blue is pulling on me >>Blair, you are on fire today my man >>It's only been- it's only been I don't know five years since I caught a tarpon on fly with Captain Honson Lau That was fun >>Yeah Honson is a good fisherman

Ugh, this one is a little bit more manageable >>Yeah this one is being a little more forgiving than our last >>How big you think this one is Jared? >>Uh that fish looks probably sixty pounds or something like that Perfect size they like to jump, shoot around the boat >>This one feels like he's about a hundred and twenty right now I might have to have you get up here and catch one

>>Now don't twist my arm He's a tough one Mr

Grinch >>She's up in that shallow water now >>With all that oxygen I think I'm going to be on this fish a little bit Y'all stay tuned we're going to be right back with Capt Jared Cyr and big old tarpon from the Marquesas in the keys <Narrator> Rig it right by Wright and McGill <Blair>On today's rig it right segment I'm going to show you what Captain Jared and I were out there using

We broke out the ten weight buggy whip, it's the Flats Blue I think it had a lot to do with one of the hookups that we had with the fish that ate I think I had that much line sticking out of the tip of my rod when he ate the fly And speaking of the fly, it's just a simple fly It's made out of fox fur and rabbit fur and I can't believe Jared is letting me show it to you but a lot of times they're top secret with their flies down there

Definitely getting the job done it was imitating what they call the worm hatch that goes on this time of year and what the worm hatch is it's the little worms that come out the coral reefs down there and the tarpon just go nuts over them A lot of fish eat them But broke the Beavertail out for the first time got the job done Nice and quiet the most silent boat I've ever been in, in my life poling after fish in a nice big chop like that you can hear the camera boat thirty, forty yards away from us and that was getting a little bit annoying so you can imagine if you had a slappy boat that you're going to scare the fish away, plain and simple that's why we were able to do so many hookups best tarpon day I've ever had If y'all ever get down to the keys make sure you look up Capt Jared Cyr he is one of the top guides down there and will do everything he can to put you on your first tarpon on fly, second, whatever

Want to say a special thanks to the Starbrite crew for the whole week down there in the keys Beautiful place, you got to get down there Remember one thing though, Every fishing season starts at Dick's <Narrator>Rig it right by Wright and McGill <Jared>Wow what a pretty fish

>>Look he's wearing that merkin like a mustache That's not where you wear a merkin [Laughs] ♪♪ >>Oh there it is [Laughs] >>Two rod lengths away >>Oh you got to love that >>We're shiner fishing today on the Marquesas flats

[Laughing] Great big shiner- hey imagine if there was bass big enough to eat these There are, they're called bull sharks I guess huh >>Alright buddy I'm going to hop down see if if I can't come get a leader there Do you want me to put the Talon down? >>Yeah put the Talon down >>Talon down >>What you want to try and do is keep that line right over their back if they're going away from you

And at this point in the game this is where a lot of them are lost just like we lost that last one right by the boat The most critical part of the fish fight People think the hookup is, but now that that hook has been in there wearing out >>Light leaders >>Coming under ya, ugh There we go, backwards >>Come here girl, come here >>No you're not grabbing my lip ♪♪♪ ♪♪ It is a caught fish now brother

>>Yeah it is >>Nothing brown around >>Come on down >>Ugh, come here baby Get that fly out

>>Popped out nice and easy >>What a beautiful fish >>I'll slide down this way a little bit >>There we go Woo, what a fish! Thank you baby, thank you, thank you

Want to get the trolling motor going or just send her off? >>Yeah lets pick up that Talon and we'll pull her a little bit >>Ah smells like tarpon baby! What we're doing now folks is we're getting water to go through that fish's mouth through the gills and what that will do is bring it back to life good so we can release it You don't want to go too fast Just a nice little steady flow After a fish battle like that

I'm wore out but that little fish right there just like us we get lactic acid build up, they'll get acid build up and they'll cramp and a lot of times if you don't revive them right and the sharks are around they'll come and get them and you don't want that to happen ♪♪ Getting her color back now >>Yeah she's looking good, kicking her tail There she goes >>There she goes baby

Awesome, brother that was awesome if y'all ever get a chance to do this make sure you look up Captain Jared here what's your website? Grey Ghost fishing at gmail dot com >>Grey Ghost Fishing at gmail dot com You come out here to the Marquesas and I swear it was back to back to back Every time we lost a fish came back and it was, boom It doesn't happen that way all the time but if you come with him, you got a good chance of it happening

Don't forget about the website Addictive Fishing dot com And also don't forget hash tag show your Mogan on instagram We got the new Mogan Lounge up A bunch of new stuff going on at Addictive Fishing so go to Addictive Fishing dot com and check us out We'll see you next week

Oh want to say a special thanks to the Starbrite crew We're going to be doing some offshore stuff here later in the week They're putting us up all week so thanks Pete, thanks Greg Awesome place to stay, we'll see you here tonight That was awesome! See ya! ♪♪ <Narrator>Check out more footage from this show by logging onto Addictive Fishing dot com for outtakes and bloopers >>See this I lost my two fingers to the man-eating tarpon

>>The flies usually don't chase them do they >>Actually eleven o'clock now I'm sorry Nice transition! There he is! Right there by the boat buddy! Oh my God look at that eat, wow that is incredible!

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