Monday, 21 September 2020
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14 Aug

How To Set The Hook On A Jig (This Works!) | Bass Fishing

Hey folks, Glenn May here with BassResourcecom, and today I wanna talk about setting the hook on a jig Have you ever done that? You set the hook really hard You think you've got a great hookset, boom, you set it, and you pull the fish in, you get him […]

14 Aug

Klinkhammer Fly – Why Klinkhamer works so well? [Explained by Hans van Klinken]

What is this? I had an idea to get it under the surface by using and making it like a parachute fly First day of spring Why first day? Well first day out with the fishing gear So we are going to Kuhmo and Lentua River We have a local […]

02 Aug

The Key To Catching Bass In Deep Water (This Works!) | Bass Fishing

Glenn: Hey folks Glenn May here with BassResource com, and welcome to another edition of Hank Parker's Fishing Tips We're sitting here in Hank's boat Talking to you guys, answering all these questions that you've been submitting Hank this week's question, it comes from Ken Olive, from Kennewick Washington He […]