Saturday, 19 September 2020
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19 Aug

Carolina Rig vs Football Jig: Which is More Effective? | Bass Fishing

Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with BassResourcecom, and I'm here with Hank Parker with another addition of Hank Parker's Fishing Tips Hank, this question is a good one It comes from Hunter Croak from Owensville, Indiana And he wants to know when it comes to deepwater fishing, Carolina rig […]

07 Aug

Flounder VS Cod in Water Wolf video – Dock/shore – Mete Skrubba/plattfisk

– Cod? I'll be damned! – Thought it was sea trout! – So tiny Looks nice! Don't think you can use the rod – Done! Bye-bye! Great! Now we know there are fish down there Congrats buddy! – Thanks! – Aha! Aha! Back! I just love these guys!

29 Jul

Frogs vs. Toads: When To Use Each | Bass Fishing

Keri: There you go Glenn: There we go Keri: What did I say? Glenn: Right here Oh boy, come here Come here, honey You ate that thing Both hooks Both hooks, look at that Look at that, both hooks right in his face Think he wanted that? Again, just waiting […]