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15 Sep

Fly Fishing Equipment : Fly Fishing Reel Parts

Ok, now here's the reel, I've removed it from the rod, so you can look a little bit closer at it The drag knob for tightening the drag and the other side, we've got the handle And then this is the foot of the reel This is where it actually […]

14 Sep

Fly Fishing Equipment : Fly Fishing Reels

The next part of your outfit is the reel And the reel's function is it holds your line Fly reels are pretty basic, they are single action most of the time, which means you turn the handle once and the spool goes around once So, there's not a lot to […]

13 Sep

Fly Fishing Equipment : Fly Fishing Tippets

Now, we've got our leader here and at the end of the leader we have what we call tippet and the tippet is the six x end of the leader The thinnest part of the leader Now, these leaders come tapered and if you were to fish all day with […]

12 Sep

Fly Fishing Equipment : Fly Fishing Backings

Another part of your fly fishing equipment that a lot of people don't think about is the backing The backing is what goes on before you put the fly line on, so here's the back end of my fly line and here's the backing That's usually buried down inside your […]

11 Sep

Fly Fishing Equipment : Fly Fishing Line Weights

The line weight basically tells you how large of a fly you can cast with that particular line and rod combination The heavier the line weight, say an eight weight versus a three weight will just mean you can throw a larger fly and most likely for a larger fish […]

10 Sep

Fly Fishing Equipment : Setting the Drag in Fly Fishing

Ok, there's a few things about the reel you need to know One is the drag Usually you want to set this drag just tight enough so that when you grab the line and give it a nice jerk, you don't get a backlash You set it too much tighter […]

09 Sep

Fly Fishing Equipment : Attaching Fly Fishing Reels to Rods

Ok, now we're going to attach the reel to the rod Depending on whether you are left-handed or right-handed, will determine which side you want to put the handle on and the line will have to be pre-wound in the right direction, but almost all fly reels are set up […]

08 Sep

Fly Fishing Equipment : About Fly Fishing Equipment

Ok, so we'll start off first with the equipment This obviously is a fly rod There's several parts to it We've got the rod We've got the reel We've got the fly line itself and we've got the leader There's also another component you can't see It's called the backing […]

07 Sep

Fly Fishing Equipment : Fly Fishing Rods

Ok, so the first thing you're probably going to think about when you go to get your fly fishing outfit is the rod That's the most expensive part of it for sure, so that's where people focus most of their attention Things you're looking out for are the line weight […]

06 Sep

Fly Fishing Equipment : Fly Fishing Lines

Okay the next part of our equipment is the fly line and even though the rod is the most important, most expensive part, the fly line is probably just as important as the rod because that is actually what is going to be doing the casting Most of your fly […]