Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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06 Sep

Spotted gar on the fly! (Turn on subtitles for commentary)

(Rod Breaks) Longnose gar have a highly vascularized swim bladder that enables them to gulp air allowing gar to breathe when there are very low oxygen levels in the water In other words they can be kept out of the water for a few minuets without injuring the fish Jump […]

23 Aug

Eira river (English subtitles)

What made us start Eira Flyfishing was this fantastic river En av de mest fantastiske i Norge It's not the river you visit to catch large numbers of fish Men du kommer her for den ultimate fiskeopplevelsen Crystal clear water, big salmon and seatrout The three of us that started […]

11 Aug

FLY TV – Salmon Fishing with Two-Handed Rods (German Subtitles)

I am Antti Guttorm Today, we are doing this: We are in northern Norway, by the Lakselva River We did an episode with salmon fishing last year We are back to fish with two-handed rods We are fishing for fresh fish in July The season has been a bit strange […]

09 Aug

Nederlandse Meerval vangen #3 – Missie geslaagd! [English Subtitles]

Cool that you are watching my new video The predatory fishing season in NL is open a couple of weeks and I've already caughta couple of nice zanders and perches Meanwhile I've traveled a week tothe north of Norway to fish for cod, coalfish and so onsome cool video's of […]

06 Aug

FLY TV – Salmon Fishing with Single Hand and Switch Rods (German Subtitles)

Hi, my name is Antti Guttorm Today we are doing this: It is the beginning of August and we are back in Lakselva It is almost the later part of the season We might see some coloured fish already, but there is still fresh fish coming in You might need […]

28 Jul

Renessanssimies: perhoja pinnalla | The Renaissance Man: Flies on the Surface (Eng subtitles)

The fly-fisher's rule is to examine what the fish eats: Take a small black fly and catch one fish with it Then open its stomach and look what it has eaten Then you can choose the right fly The Renaissance Man: Flies on the Surface Lappeenranta, Finland I was at […]