Sunday, 20 June 2021
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01 Sep

Fly Fishing Tips for Fly Casting : Choose the Right Size Fly Rod

The first thing we think about in reference to a fly rod Most people think about the size Well, the size goes back to the relationship, of what are we going to use the rod for? So if you have a small stream, then you going to want a short […]

29 Aug

How to Fly Fish : How to Select the Right Fly Fishing Rod

Hi! This is David Dirks, managing director of Dirks Outdoors on behalf of Expert Village Today we are going to talk about fly fishing basics First thing we are going to do is talk about choosing a rod One of the most important fundamentals in fly fishing is having the […]

11 Aug

Fly Fishing, Picking the Right Fly – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

[Constance Whiston] When I started fly-fishing in Texas, I thought I had to learn how to tie flies But I found out that I could get flies on the internet I could also go to my local fly fishing club, and visit with the members there and learn all I […]