Friday, 18 September 2020
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15 Aug

Saltwater Fishing: This Lure Hack will catch you more fish!

Woah! Two at a time! What's up everyone? Today we are in southern Maryland fishing with the Inshore Mystery Tackle Box Yeahh! Alright, let's take a look at this box, so at first I was a little bit iffy if I should get the inshore box or not because I […]

15 Aug

STATIC LURE FISHING Unusual Fishing Method You Don’t Know About🎣 / Unbekannte Angelmethode

This hier is fishing with a crankbait Stay tuned to learn more! Hey guys, how are you doing? Today we are going to share with you a very unusual method to catch predatory fish in a river on crankbait A bit of history first Back in 1996 Tsetso started making […]

05 Aug

HOOKED A MONSTER CATFISH on Handmade Lure/ Удар на Огромен Сом на Марица/ Riesen Waller am Haken

– Come on, Kate! – Wow! – Did he unhook? – Yes – At least he didn't tear up the line this time, right? – Yes – He unhooked – Wow! – Such a monster again! – The hook is gone! – The one is gone, the other is upright […]

30 Jul

How to tie a Non Slip Mono Loop Knot | Fishing Knot to attach Fly Lure or Hook

hey how's it going I'm one to show how to tie a non-slip mono loop a really easy way to touch-up fly to your line first thing you do is you want tight overhand knots keep that knot here in your left hand thread the hook with your right switch […]