Saturday, 22 January 2022
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29 Aug

How Deep Sea Creatures Emit Their Own Light | The New York Times

This is not CG I, it’s JGI: Jellyfish Generated Imagery In this case the bioluminescent atolla jellyfish It’s a kind of amazing display that comes from creatures in the sea that make their own light And there are a lot of them A recent study found that among ocean dwellers […]

11 Aug

Ultra Light Fly Fishing in Japan: Miura Peninsula, Kanagawa

The 2014 World Cup ended Many people crazy, cry out loudly I was doing my utmost to support my team losing my team Almost all fans are wrapped in sorrow Happy to the end, only one fan group They are good at conquering the world At the same time on […]

31 Jul

BIG CATFISH with LIGHT GEAR/ Голям Сом на Лайт/ Grosser Wels auf Leichter Spinnrute/ Siluro a Light

– You're getting greedy – About what? – Throw only where I told you – The fish is next to the willow, but you do not have to cast there – You will have the lure hang up – OK – Cast only there! – The roots are there – […]