Sunday, 28 November 2021
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29 Jul

Ice Fishing Safety : Local Ice Fishing Information

I'd like to talk to you for a moment about the use of local information What we refer to as anecdotal evidence; a decent safe thick ice One of the things you want to do other than looking on your topo map and checking out the ice thickness and drilling […]

29 Jul

Best Ever Catfish Fishing tip, Hot dog bait rig for Channel Blue Flathead Wels Ginch Cats

I'd like to show you this Catfish Rig We use a slip sinker and tie an open ended knot I like to use a surgeons knot to make loop We put that onto our snap swivel This will be for any type of bigger catfish Handle almost any kind and […]

29 Jul

Fishing Transition Banks and Flat Sided Crankbaits

This is the perfect kind of bank when I'm thinking about spring of the year; water is cold, and throwing these flat-sided baits You want a transition like this as you can see to our right there's a lot of gravel and it transitions slowly into a chunk rock or […]

29 Jul

Segment 13: Where to Find Fishing Information – How to Fish for Trout in Oregon

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife presents "How to Fish for Trout in Oregon" Now that you have learned how to be successful chasing trout in Oregon's vast number of lakes and streams, let's take a moment to discuss how to find a body of water close to home […]

29 Jul

Summer Bass Fishing Tips | Bass Fishing

We've talked about lots of different times of the year to fish, and the time of the year that I spend a lot of time fishing especially with my kids and friends is in the summer We don't have any tournaments in the summer, but I spend a lot of […]

29 Jul


Im checking this one is on camera its the 3rd one i caught the same size as this and its not on cameraso check it happy days Source: Youtube

29 Jul

Cod Fishing Portsmouth – Pully Rig And Fish

hello fishing along southsea castle come along with aron and gavin have a little fish and hopeing for a big bass a nice double be my first double show you what im baiting up with im using squid whole squid and mackreal this is how i use squid i dont […]

29 Jul


Alright there i honestly not got a clue,if anyone could help me classify this i dont know if its some little weever a little goby, as i say honestly at this point i have not got a clue what this is this other rods been going while this one came […]

29 Jul

Ray Whilst Fishing – Chilling With Ray – Hillhead Beach Fishing Uk

today im up here at hillhead cliffs as you can see behind me its right by this stream we got a bit of fresh water flow here flow of freshwater flowing out is where we are going to be casting out to hopefully to get some flounder hopefully ive got […]

29 Jul

Wrass A Non Ting Fling – Sea Fishing Fun

yeah all well guys ? fishing down the gosport ferry after as many species as possible so its a bit of a species hunt ,its a bit tackle hungry down here but we gona try are best to get as many fish on camera as we possible can its a […]