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01 Sep

கடலில் கண்டுபிடிக்கப்பட்ட 5 மர்ம உயிரினங்கள் | English subtitle | 5 unbelievable Deep sea creatures

Generally peculiar sea organisms live deep inside the seaLet us have a look at 5 such organisms The Blob fish which can grow upto 30cms won the worlds most disgusting organism survey in 2013 This lives 3900ft deep inside the seas of New Zealand and AustraliaThe pressure is 120 times […]

23 Aug

Eira river (English subtitles)

What made us start Eira Flyfishing was this fantastic river En av de mest fantastiske i Norge It's not the river you visit to catch large numbers of fish Men du kommer her for den ultimate fiskeopplevelsen Crystal clear water, big salmon and seatrout The three of us that started […]

10 Aug

Learn to Count Numbers 1-5 for Kids with Pig Family 🐷 New English Episode: Fishing

09 Aug

Nederlandse Meerval vangen #3 – Missie geslaagd! [English Subtitles]

Cool that you are watching my new video The predatory fishing season in NL is open a couple of weeks and I've already caughta couple of nice zanders and perches Meanwhile I've traveled a week tothe north of Norway to fish for cod, coalfish and so onsome cool video's of […]