Friday, 16 October 2020
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30 Aug

SALMON FEVER – Flyfishing for my first Atlantic Salmon // Pipe Media [ENG SUBS]

Rune is shouting and yelling and I'm running on top of a f******* waterfall because he has hooked a salmon trembling over my own feet let's hope this one stays on!! We've been fishing salmon for a day and a half now and we've only lost fish It's a nice […]

28 Jul

Renessanssimies: perhoja pinnalla | The Renaissance Man: Flies on the Surface (Eng subtitles)

The fly-fisher's rule is to examine what the fish eats: Take a small black fly and catch one fish with it Then open its stomach and look what it has eaten Then you can choose the right fly The Renaissance Man: Flies on the Surface Lappeenranta, Finland I was at […]