Thursday, 16 September 2021
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13 Sep

Fly Fishing Basics – How To Get Fly Out Of Tree

Hi It's Anni from kajanaclub com – fly fishing community When I'm fly-casting it's not unusual to have my fly stuck in a tree At least for me it's a common problem Often the fly is tangled around the branch few times on a loop so if you just pull […]

01 Sep

Korda Carp Fishing Masterclass 5: Back to Basics | Neil Spooner | Free DVD 2018

Over the last few years you would have been watching the Masterclass DVD and you’d have seen lots of sections based around some really epic trips across Europe, as well as some highly detailed technical sections across the UK Now when we do the shows and things, one of the […]

11 Aug

Fly Fishing, Picking the Right Fly – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

[Constance Whiston] When I started fly-fishing in Texas, I thought I had to learn how to tie flies But I found out that I could get flies on the internet I could also go to my local fly fishing club, and visit with the members there and learn all I […]

10 Aug

FLY TV Squeeze – Beginner’s Guide to Belly Boat/Float Tube Fly Fishing

Hi and welcome back to FLY TV Squeeze! I am Daniel Bergman – And I am Pontus Sjölund We thought that Pontus should try fishing from a belly boat for the first time I have watched you fishing when filming for the FLY TV episode about trouts It just looks […]

06 Aug

Fly Fishing Nymphs – Fly Fishing Basics

Hi It’s Anni from Kajanaclub com fly fishing community And on this video we are gonna look fly fishing basics with nymphs Nymphs have often times saved the whole fishing trip when nothing is happening and nothing else works you'll see what I mean later on this video And do […]

05 Aug

Catch Release and Barbless Hooks

Sometimes things do not go according to the plan Hi, it's Anni from Kajanaclub com fly fishing community On this video we talk about barbless hooks and I show you how to de-barb your fishing hook This helps if you need to release the fish, for example, if it's a […]

28 Jul

How To Spin Fish for Trout – Fishing Basics

I'm Gordon Edwards, Fisheries Biologist with Wyoming Game and Fish out of the Sheridan region, and I'm here to talk about how easy it is to get into spin fishing for trout You really don't need much to do that, just a medium light action spinning rod, some line, some […]