Sunday, 28 November 2021
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05 Sep

Guess Catfish For Bait + Extreme Catching Kayak Fishing Believe This

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01 Sep

Pier fishing: What is stealing your bait?

Picture this: You're at a great fishing spot, you've got bait on your line, you and your buddies are having a great time– But you cant catch $#*%!!! Something keeps stealing your bait! *crunching, munching* Something is pickin' these apart and we can't catch 'em! So what do we do? […]

20 Aug

Pumping yabbies, pink nippers, awesome bait, whiting and bream

One bucket fits inside the other It contains lots of holes and makes changing the water very easy Pumping yabbies, look for the yabbie holes Best on the bottom half of the tide I got 3 or 4 yabbies on nearly every pump Angle your pump on about 45 degrees, […]

15 Aug

Bait And Fly Fishing Marin County Reservoirs !!LETS HIT 50 SUBS!!

sorry no subtitles

12 Aug

Saltwater Fishing: Mystery bait catches all sorts fish

I mean, you first see this bait and you're like, you're like, "what the heck?" But then you try it and it catches so many different kinds of fish! *Erin gasps* *senko skipper intro glitch* We're in a traveling fishing-mobile, basically What do you mean? We've got all of our […]

10 Aug

Fluke/Flounder bait rig for bottom fishing – Bottenmete Skubba Gröna räcket Limhamn – Öresund

– Congrats! Thanks, looks nice! – Perfect size! Here comes Pelle! Did they get anything? OhSmall Flounder! Oj oj Big as a saucer I crossed your fishing line again! Nice, right! Really nice! Looks good! A little too small! Really nice! Marvelous! It was a small one!

07 Aug

Scavenging the Beach for Magic Bait! Rock Fishing in MEXICO

[music playing] Where are we going? [Auntie Kim] Fishing [Erin] Crabbing [Brendon] Crabbing! [Erin] Crab whackin' [Brendon] Crab whackin [Dad] Wacky wacky wacky! [Dad] You'll see [Brendon singing] This is where we're fishing it's very high tide Ooh Call the elevator? Okay, coming, coming, coming [Dad] First thing, we get […]

06 Aug

BEST FISHING BAIT | Fishing with Chicken? | CoastFishTV Tackle Chat S02E05

G'day I'm Andy from COASTFISHTV and one of my favourite baits to use that is really easy to prepare and cut to size for almost any sized hook and you'll catch heaps on it is chicken breast! Why? Because it catches a whole lot of fish It's really easy to […]

30 Jul

Catching Bluegills for Catfish bait with my bluegill bug

hey everybody its bill and I'm back today I'm in Macintosh Lake here in Burlington North Carolina and I was actually planning on going to Jordan Lake and trying to get some white perch today but the weather unfortunately over that direction doesn't look too good so I thought I'd […]

29 Jul

Best Ever Catfish Fishing tip, Hot dog bait rig for Channel Blue Flathead Wels Ginch Cats

I'd like to show you this Catfish Rig We use a slip sinker and tie an open ended knot I like to use a surgeons knot to make loop We put that onto our snap swivel This will be for any type of bigger catfish Handle almost any kind and […]