Saturday, 22 January 2022
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15 Sep

How to Tie the Clouser Minnow Fly – Saltwater and fresh water streamer fly

Today we are going to tie the Clouser minnow arguably one of the most popular and versatile streamer patterns ever made Originally created back in the 80's by Bob Clouser, a legendary fly tier, instructor and fisherman We will start by wrapping our thread halfway to the bend of the […]

10 Sep

Fly fishing | Rainbow trout and Brown trout

It is hooked from back

04 Sep

Smoking Catfish Whole [ Ice Fishing Catch and Cook ]

just another little guy if that's all I get today that's okay cuz I'm gonna smoke these boys up they're hard to light though good morning fish and friends fishing buddies here in the ice shack so far this morning I've got one small channel cat action on mine by […]

03 Sep

Catch and Cook Overnight fishing trip Andy Fisher man EP.342

Hello everyone, it's Andy here This video will be a catch and cook as well as an overnight camping trip Hello everyone, it's Andy here This video will be a catch and cook as well as an overnight camping trip I am fishing with my Hearty Rise jigging rods As […]

03 Sep

Fishing and Pre-fishing the Bass Junkyz Tournament

[music] welcome we're at Bartlett lake this morning and we're fishing that bass Junkyz so it's been a really interesting morning we've had a lot of boats turned away already probably close to 25 so they caped this thing at 100 boats so it should be interesting on this lake […]

02 Sep

#1 Top 10 New Orleans Fishing Charters in Louisiana For Redfish and Trout

New Orleans Fishing Charters it lol after shelling a new orleans-style fishing charters here as a local a feed I've made my living on these waters all my life continue to do so today as a full-time fishing guide I take pride in my job then we'll show you the […]

02 Sep

Mark Stevenson: 2015 Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

[music] [Mark Stevenson, Lake Fork Fishing Guide] I fish for a living Yes Fishing guide [Mark Stevenson] Well, I’ve been here since 1982 My wife also guides here We fish together We do a lot of the stuff together [Mark Stevenson] Pretty day other than the cold front passing through […]

31 Aug

catching catfish and climbing perch fish | boys style | how to fish with arms

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29 Aug

Delicious Flathead Catch and Cook w Loads of Barramundi Jacks and Cod EP.415

It's Andy here I'm fishing with Andrew today we're up a creek and we've already put the crab pots in and caught a bunch of fish so it's a yeah bit bit overcast Andrew, Andrews Barramundi he's got one so yeah we've got a nice nice bunch of fish hope […]

28 Aug

Attacks and Catches: Pike, Catfish, Asp/ Angeln auf Hecht, Wels, Rapfen/ Риболовни приключения

– I have to call Kalin (a fishing mate) – He will come running here – Wow! – Do you have it (recorded)? – Think so – Got caught, got caught! – Slowly, Katya, it's a walleye – Slowly, reel in slower! – Slowly! – I will take him out […]