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24 Aug

Randi Wayland, Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame 2016

(music) [Randi Wayland] Can you tell us how you caught this fish? What did you use for bait? [boy] I think corn [Randi] Corn Did you have a good time today? [Boy] Uh, huh [Randi] There is nothing more exciting in my life than to see a two or three […]

23 Aug

Ray Sasser, Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame 2016

(music) [Ray Sasser] Beautiful day It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood Let�s go catch a fish [Bubba Wood] And we won�t catch a thing today [Ray Sasser] Kind of a different day The wind�s blowing a little bit out of the, what, east, east wind? Well, we need […]

22 Aug

Texas State Bass Tournament, Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame 2016

(music) [Sam Scroggins] The Texas State Bass Tournament is known to be the oldest, open bass fishing tournament in the world It was first established back in 1956 The interesting thing about the state tournament is that we�ve never paid out any cash It�s always been for trophies and the […]

03 Aug

Fly Fishing Kayak Setup 2016 – Open Top 10.5 Foot Lightweight by Clearwater Designs

Hey guys, Justin here from Bonafide Fishing and I'm going to do an overview for the Kayak I've been using for 2016 it's changed quite a bit since the last time you've seen it and there's a whole lot more cameras on it now, so I'm going to show you […]