Tuesday, 15 September 2020
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STATIC LURE FISHING Unusual Fishing Method You Don’t Know About🎣 / Unbekannte Angelmethode

This hier is fishing with a crankbait Stay tuned to learn more! Hey guys, how are you doing? Today we are going to share with you a very unusual method to catch predatory fish in a river on crankbait A bit of history first

Back in 1996 Tsetso started making his own lures that are now the Realwobbler lures, and he was fishing with them on the river And once he casted and casted but no fish was biting Eventually, he got tired and sat on the bank to have a short break He held the fishing rod and left the crankbait swimming in the swift current Suddenly and very unexpected a big catfish bit on his lure

A 30-minute fight followed and finally the catfish swam away with the crankbait But he gave a very good lesson to Tsetso He taught him a new method of catching predatory fish Tsetso started using it and was able to catch a lot of catfish, asp and chub this way We apply it today, and here's footage of how it works

– Kate, got caught! Go! – It's getting recorded! Come on! – Take the rod, I will record you – Okay, come on! – Take it out and pick it up! – Reel in! – Looks like a big one – She's not very strong – Bring her up! – Should I take her out now? – Pull her! – There – You have to go there and pull her

– I can take her out here – Don't break the rod! – I won't – She smashed it! – Should I pick her up this way or catch her by hand? – Go to the shore! – Unhook her now and release her back! – First we'll take a picture – Well done, Kate! – Good job! – Yes – Rather the lure and the rod holder did that

– Let's take a picture and return her – Come on! And back! – Hold her, do not let her go! – She's going – Nice – Well done, Kate! Is not that cool? This method is also very practical Guys, write in a comment under the video are you going to test it in your fishing? We are curious to find out

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Source: Youtube

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