Saturday, 22 January 2022
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Setting Up a Fly Fishing Reel : Fly Fishing Wrapped Loop

Another loop we could make is what we call a wrapped loop And basically what we're doing is we're going to take the rope, for demonstration, and the fly line and we're going to double over our material and then we're going to use some lighter material to actually wrap over that connection and it actually makes a really, really strong connection

Basically just take your, you know, we'll use thread when we go to a smaller material, but here we'll use fly line and just start right above where the two materials come back together and make nice Neat wraps Usually depending on the diameter of the materials you are using, maybe half an inch or so, that's all you need And then most people will tie, will knot this in here and coat that with some types of glue and that will make that connection really strong So basically, just taking some thinner material, wrapping it around the base of your loop, making nice tight wraps

Maybe, to finish it off just do a couple of overhand knots or granny knots, nothing too fancy because we're going to use a glue to finish that of And that's what it'll look like in a heavier material We'll do that fly line in a second and you'll see what I'm talking about

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