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Segment 13: Where to Find Fishing Information – How to Fish for Trout in Oregon

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife presents "How to Fish for Trout in Oregon" Now that you have learned how to be successful chasing trout in Oregon's vast number of lakes and streams, let's take a moment to discuss how to find a body of water close to home or nearby while on a trip discovering the outdoors here in Oregon

The Internet has an incredible amount of available information Start by visiting the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife web page for up-to-date info on regulations as well as recreation reports from each region in the State On the ODFW website you will also be able to find the trout stocking schedules These spreadsheets detail how many trout will be placed into your local waterway each week throughout the year Several other publications can also be found on the Department's website

Be sure to look up "Easy Angling Oregon" the "50 in 60" pamphlet, various maps and the many other helpful tools available The Oregon Department of Fish and Widlife host family fishing events year-round throughout the state There are also several local fishing clubs and groups that can be found in nearly every local community Friendly fishing guides can also be a great resource for information and may help shorten the learning curve for any new angler If there's ever a question you may about fishing, regulations or the outdoors, contact us anytime via phone email or by visiting any of our local offices

Now find your favorite lake or stream and go fishing

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