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Scavenging the Beach for Magic Bait! Rock Fishing in MEXICO

[music playing] Where are we going? [Auntie Kim] Fishing [Erin] Crabbing

[Brendon] Crabbing! [Erin] Crab whackin' [Brendon] Crab whackin [Dad] Wacky wacky wacky! [Dad] You'll see [Brendon singing] This is where we're fishing it's very high tide Ooh

Call the elevator? Okay, coming, coming, coming [Dad] First thing, we get wacky, huh? First thing, we've got to steal a stick [Brendon] We're gonna get wacky Right off the bat [Dad] We're going to steal– We're going to steal a stick first

[Erin] Uh oh [Brendon] Yeah, we're going to take the stick and things are going to get a little wacky and bloody [Dad] It's gonna get wacky, I'm sorry, guys [Erin] I'm sorry, it's going to get wacky [Brendon] It's going to get wacky! Good morning

[Good morning!] Alright, look at that beautiful terrain to fish I'm ready Here is my whacking stick Whacking sticks [Erin] Alright, you want to introduce us to your aunt? [Brendon] This is my aunt from California, we've been coming to Cabos for since I was a baby, now

Right? and, um, this is our first fishing adventure together, basically [Erin laughs] [Auntie Kim] Yay I can't wait [Brendon] So this is a three person job, to catch these crabs, one person herds them in, the other person smacks 'em, third person grabs them and puts 'em in the bucket So they don't scatter away

So today, our weapon of choice: whacking sticks [Erin] Whackin' sticks [Erin] You're crazy [Brendon] I'm ready [Erin] Let's do it

[Dad] Woah! A lot, Batman! Auntie Kim, you stay here You stay here and dry, I'm going to go outside [Erin] They're all on top! [Brendon] I need a new stick! My stick is all broken, now it's a spear Oh, it's a spear! [Laughing] [Dad] Desintigrated! [Brendon] Okay, we need better sticks, Dad Oh my god, so many of them

[Dad] That one, right there! [Brendon] Right here? Oh! Sorry Not dead! [Dad] They're coming out, Brendon, they're coming out! [Brendon] It's right there Get it Nice There's some on the side, right there

[Erin exclaiming] [Dad] It's like baseball! It's hard to whack them, huh? Got'em! Thank you Okay, let's move rocks [Dad] Aaaaargh! [Brendon screaming] Alright, so this is the bait that we've been catching all morning, cut off the legs, now, some of these are hard-shell, some of these are soft-shell the soft shell, I don't need to cut anything off, I cut the legs off, I don't take the head off, and now I;m going to make these in to four pieces, just like that Ah, the rig I'm using is a drifting rig that has–it's basically a hi-low rig except no sinker, it's another hook, and what you want to do is drift fish this on the rocks and we're using this rig without a sinker because the waves are crazy here, and the bottom is full of rocks, if I were to use a bottom rig, it would get snagged almost immediately so, remember, if you're fishing a really rocky area, really rocky bottom, try and throw something without sinkers, and of you throw a sinker you've got to be really careful for getting snagged

Dad, a big wave Big wave That's a huge one! Hold on tight! That went right over your head! [Erin] Next one! Get off of there, let's go! There's a crab right next to your face, too! Oh my god Dad! There's another one, come on! Give me your rod Okay, careful, careful, it's okay, there's no more waves, there's no more waves, no more waves

[Dad] I couldn't see anything [Brendon] Take this, Pop, take this [Erin] Brendon! Brendon! [Brendon] We're good! [Erin] Watch out! Hey! Brace yourself! [Brendon] There's some deep pockets over here that I saw earlier that I want to try, Yesterday I saw a big fish hiding under here, let's see if he's still there I hear that the fish here are territorial of their their area, I'm not sure if that's true, Let's find out together Aaaaw! I'm on—! Noo!!! I messed it up! I had him! On! Holy crap! holy crap! Holy crap! Hoohoo! A nice one! Holy crap, what is this guy? Ooh! You are a strong guy

These guys have very sharp teeth Look at him! Look at that football That's a nice sized one, probably 3 3-4 lbs it may not look like it, but it's very fat and very heavy It was pretty much the second I dropped my bait, this guy hit it, I missed it because I thought it was the tide pulling it, but it was the fish, so I didn't set the hook, and uh, I was wondering if it would bite it again, sure enough, it bit it again, persistance paid off

But, uh, this is called– actually, I'm not quite sure what this is called, can you guys comment below, let us know? Can you identify this fish for us? Look at that, how beautiful the colors are, look at the patterning on it, look at it's tail! Wow! and this is a nice one [Erin] Fight hard? [Brendon] It fought really hard Let's let him go [Speaking Cantonese] Do we want this? Sashimi on the beach? and we're going to slice this guy up and eat him raw, right now Okay, so let's put him away for now [Mom] What kind of fish is it? Can I see it this time? I'm coming out! [Mom] Does it have blue stripes? [Erin] Yeah, all around its eyes Oh my god, there's a big fish on there! I knew it! I knew there was a fish in there! Ha ha ha!! Dang! I felt a bite, it snagged me up, I let out the line– so, I felt a bite and then, it snagged me up on a rock real quick, So I–when it snagged me, I let out more line, I let out the line so it'll swim itself out of the snag, and then it, sure enough, did

Too small, lets let this guy go I'm basically looking for-for places under rock, like shelters that fish would hide in and like, under this rock is a good one, under that one, that crevice right there, maybe, like, maybe over there Let me try over here On!!! That's a big one!!! Aaaaaaargh! Another big one! Heh heh ha ha ha!!! Yes!! I sight fished for that one! I saw him hiding! This guy has been eating crabs all day long I hooked him perfectly, too

Would ya look at that Look at that A beautiful specimen, huh? [Erin] Yes [Brendon] Alright, we've already got one fish, let's put this guy away [Erin] I agree

Yeah! This crab works, like, wonders! The whackin' stck did it It helped us out a lot today to get those crabs, um, I want to give you guys a warning, although the crabs work really, really well here, you've got to be really careful when you're- when you're messing around rocks and waves like this, it-it's not– it looked like we're having a lot of fun, but we're also being very, very cautious, and we're putting ourselves and our lives at risk when we do it and we know that, if you ever plan on doing something like this, make sure you take proper precautions, I'm wearing shoes right now– see these? Those are spikes [Erin] Yeah, I have some too [Brendon] They keep me– they keep me from slipping on the rocks Um, a lot of times what will really hurt somebody is, with their back turned to the water, a big wave comes unexpectedly, which happens all the time, and it washes them, and they'll start tumbling and they might hit their head on a rock or something, you guys have to be careful

Here in Cabo San Lucas, there is hardly any bait shops, there's like, two, and I don't even think they sell any kind of live bait, it's pretty much all lures, so, really, we have to be scavenging for these-for these crabs right now We're not killing 'em just for fun, There's a reason we're killing them We're smashing these crabs to use for bait, to catch fish to feed the family I hope you guys like this episode, we had a lot of fun, we have a lot of fun filming it and being out here and catching fish and learning Uh, and we want to thank you guys for subscribing and being a part of our community because without you guys we would not be here right now

We're here to document and teach as many people how to start fishing That's our job at Senko Skipper It's to help as many of you guys So it really means a lot when you tell us that we're doing a good job We've got a website, senkoskipper

com, full of stuff just for you guys, anybody who needs help with fishing, we've got a whole bunch of stuff to help you guys So the tide is coming in, it's getting a little dangerous to fish, so we're gonna-we're gonna stop for a little bit plus I'm like, so hot See ya, guys! In our next episode we're going to slice this guy up, eat him raw

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