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Saltwater Fishing: Mystery bait catches all sorts fish

I mean, you first see this bait and you're like, you're like, "what the heck?" But then you try it and it catches so many different kinds of fish! *Erin gasps* *senko skipper intro glitch* We're in a traveling fishing-mobile, basically What do you mean? We've got all of our gear, surf and freshwater, and inshore, and the little dock demon, and telescopic, and 28-foot pole, and two kayaks, and all my freshwater gear, and all my salt water gear, and chairs, and kayak lights so that we can fish at night

That's a lot of gear You never know–I–there's so many different kinds of fish around here Today we are here in Hoopersville, Maryland! And we're here because Native Salt Clam La- Da! Has sent us on a journey

We're actually really trying to find some bait fish and with those bait fish we're going to catch some bigger fish Now, I know that the big rockfish are here, there's big stripers here, so we're going to be using these clams today, we're going to be jumping around spots and finding all the fish! So you guys may not remember, but I actually, um, I dipped these Salt Clams in some, um, garlic dye! Let's see how it works! Looks great It looks pretty cool, huh? Yeah On! The second we got here! Yeah-ohh Is it a stupid puffer? It's a puff

It's a puffer Oh, and it bit my line off It bit your line off? It bit my line off Strange looking fish, isn't it? Yeah Let's throw it back

How would you describe Hoopers, Maryland? I would describe it as: there's nothing here but fishing Yup it's a– Like, there's so much water everywhere, it's gorgeous, there are so many different types of water and so many different types of fish that you can go for, and it's a beautiful, beautiful island that we've never been to before [Brendon] It's a fishing village Yup That's really what it is, There's nothing to do nere but fishing

-A lot of crabbing Now we've been here for 3 days already We couldn't film anything because we were just really exploring the area, seeing what there is, –Looking for the fish Right Ooh! –Ohh! Woah, a trout! Woah, nice! Wow What a pretty fish, huh? Do they have any teeth? Yeah, look at these two lil'– vampire teeth in the front Ah! I've heard that if they have one tooth, they're juvenile, but that's obviously not true, look: this guy's got two teeth I think it's two teeth, juvenile, one tooth, like, a year old or something

I don't know, I don't know if I even believe it What do you guys think? Comment that below! I think the trout really like the Salt Clam, we've caught a lot of trout on the Salt Clam before, what do you think? Yeah, the trout really like the Salt Clam, um, so does the puffer, so does the spot, so does the croaker, all the fish here like the Salt Clam Alright, let me throw it back That's too small So the best part about bait fishing for me is that it's so mysterious

You don't know what your'e gonna catch, and that's like you're fishing out in this big ocean and you know there's a bunch of fish out there, you throw some bait and you have no idea what's gonna pick it up Whereas lure fishing, If I'm throwing a–if I'm throwing a little swim bait, I'm pretty sure I'm going to catch either a striper or a little blue fish

It's not that mysterious Whereas bait, you could hook onto anything out there! So we went on this trip with all– with basically all of my friends, I've got two friends, Pablo and James, Pablo, he's got a big surf rod he's trying out, um, actually the surf rod that I recommended him, So I really gotta put him on some fish So if I don't get a bite for like 10-20 minutes, it's time to jump spots Um, fish like to move! They move with the tides, and f they're not in one spot, look at another spot So I think it's time to pack up and try another spot

Alright, let's jump Pablo's been using Salt Clam, he caught himself a spot, and uh we're meeting him at this rockfishing spot Hopefully hook up some stripers Using a sabiki rig! And this is–I'm changing out the clams, I'm just putting more on, these have been on for a while So what I do is I just put a tiny piece

I used to put on like, big chunks, but I've found the bait fish like smaller chunks like this Just a little bit And I hook it through a few times And that's perfect One bite-sized piece of clam

So crabs like to get onto this, huh? Little fish probably nipping it up Maybe other little bluefish nipping it up We're going to try it, I'm not sure if it's going to work

So let's put that on, oh, I hear Fish Bites work well, too! Let's-let's put a combination, hold on Fish Bites! What kind is this? This is Salt Water This is, uh, clam scented and this is also really tough, it's like of like a Salt Clam except tougher Rip some off

Put a strip of it, seriously, it looks like a stick of gum, doesn't it? People have been catching some big reds on this I'm not tasting it Ha ha Let's put it on the same one as this The same one? Alright, so this is a good combination

Now, see this? It's got some kind of like, some kind of like, mesh in here That sticks in really well Now, things won't be able to pick this off Let's see if it'll attract something, Yes I did! Hunch back What is that? What is this? Whatever it was, it liked the Salt Clam

Wanna ask what it is? Yeah, what kind of fish is this? Woah! Ha ha ha! You kept that in the air for so long Little croaker? Little hard head? Is that what it is? Got it? Yup! What the hell? Woah As soon as it hit the water I actually heard uh, heard my drag go

It's running right now? Yeah look, what is that? It's a rockfish, dude! Is it? It's a rock fish! Do you need a net? No that's a red fish, So, it's a rock fish! It is? It's a big rock fish, man! Get the net, get the net! Woah ho ho ho! Ha ha ha! Yes! Oh my god, you got some !@#$ Watch your knee! Ohh! Sweet !@#$! Awesome, and we got that on footage! Awesome, man! I told you they'd be coming in here! So you don't want it? Alright, I've got a challenge for you people *cough* So I've caught, and I'm counting, eleven species on this Salt Clam before It works really well in Deleware, Virginia, Florida it works really, really well Um, Gulf of Mexico, right? Gulf of Mexico, we've fished that, works really well, um, but this is such a new bait that we really haven't had a huge pool of like, we really don't know what it catches! I know it catches fish where I'm at, but I'm curious to hear from you guys

The challenge, specifically: buy a pack of Salt Clams, catch as many different species as possible, record those species by taking pictures, and posting it on our Senko Skipper fishing page You can find that page on Facebook, just search for Senko Skipper Fishing Community it's a really great group of people, um, it's people from all over the world sharing their catches of the week, and uh, you'll learn a lot about different species of fish just by watching, by looking at our Facebook page Check the link below, I've included a link to nativesaltclamcom and uh, I know the people who run it, Angela, Killian, they're very quick to respond, um, and if you have any questions about Salt Clams visit them on their Facebook page, message them, ank them questions, I'm getting a lot of people asking me questions, but the, the makers of it, they're very quick to respond *gasp* It's on

It;s on It's a stripe! It's a stripe! Nice! [Brendon's Dad on the phone:] You got one? He got one! [Nice!] Right here! [Yeah buddy!] Yeah! Ha ha ha! Yeah, so we spent the past two days just looking for the fish and really keying in on where they are We know they're here, but there are so many spots that like, how do we know which one they're productive at? There's a lot of water here Right So now, what we really had to do was look at the features on Google Maps and see where the areas were, um, where we thought would hold fish and uh, we'd have to coordinate that with the tides

I feel like, the tides are the most important part of salt water fishing Finding the fish um, a lot of the fish move with the tides Two hours before high tide, two hours after high tide Stripers around this area, we know they're big because we caught some big ones, um, but, they're hard to find You know? There's so much water

It's hard to cover all that water Yeah What are some ways that you guys um, when you guys get to a new area for fishing, what are some ways you guys discover, like, where the fish are? Comment that below! Anyways, thank you guys for watching, Uh, I hope you guys enjoyed the episode, and um, Where are we going next? We're chasing stripers, right? I guess, a little bit

Oh, he postponed his surgery so that we could make some more videos Oh right, that's right Yeah, so So now I'm not getting surgery until after striped bass season Which is basically until December

Priorities! Yes, priorities! Comment below where we should go next Se ya, guys Thank you That's good

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