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Ray Whilst Fishing – Chilling With Ray – Hillhead Beach Fishing Uk

today im up here at hillhead cliffs as you can see behind me its right by this stream we got a bit of fresh water flow here flow of freshwater flowing out is where we are going to be casting out to hopefully to get some flounder hopefully ive got mainly ragworm for bait, we got a little bit of lugworm on us , goodmorning guys we down here hillhead by the stream at chilling as can be seen in map im hoping for a couple of flounders maybe a bass, you know any thing is possible we useing a bit of lugworm , a bit of frozen lug , that i got from rover fishing tackle

will be good stuff, the rig what im useing is a one down to up size 2 hooks, flapper style rig are show you how im baiting up twist and thread lug ive just threaded a littl bit of lug up like that im going to tip it off with two little ragworms on this hook its head hooked the tail is wriggleing pull this back down this is pretty much how im going to be fishing today thats when im useing a cocktail but when im just useing a plan rag you know sometime with this worm i just fish this worm straigh through tend to when im hooking big worms bring the hook near on out to its tail there but this bit snaped anyway but do you see what i mean the hook point is out at the tail thats two baits done, ideally i would of been out digging worm myself and getting some proper small worms but make do with what we got hopefully find a flounder with this one the lug i tend to this not best black lug in the world twist twist when im useing blacks like this pull it up the shank of the hook find yourself two small worm or one small worm , im fishing a size 2 there

thread him up find another little worm pull that bit of lug back down perfect see how the tails are wiggling arond how much movements there when i cast this im going to be dunking my bait into the water so it toughens the tails up and dont seem to fly off when castingnice little gentle cast around 30 yard out first one in a 815 am and ive already got a bite guys as soon as i cast that out it was knocking and ive already got a fish on but erm im going to wait

im going to leave it and get another rod baited up yeah so im going to snap a little bit of just like thatcouple of inchesget our hook then i pop it in twist pop twist pop just like that , on that particular hook im just going to fish a bit of lug in that way its all about trial and error this sort of fishing , you know sometime they take just a little tiny section of worm like this and other times take even smaller section of worm

and some time they just feed on maddies so get six or seven little maddies on there what i havent gotton any but as say do what we can with what we got no reason why we shouldnt geta fish this time going to do little bit of lug on this bottom one a little dinky bit like that when it comes of your fingers

same again a little twist around pull that up ,ragworm feed him upfeed him right up near on out to the tail keep going feeding up feeding up about therehook points just there we get this one out yeah guys what you want to do is keep your bait wrapped up

we casting out twenty minutes at a time if not any thing on there clean it off and start again drop your time down to 15 minutes 10 minutes soo we already had a bite on the first rod but make sure deffently in conditions like this its raining and a little bit of rain it will kill your worm in second so make sure you wrap it up and keep it in the dry out the way 831 say this rod on the left the first one that i casted out what i showed you how i was baiting up slaming over a couple of time should be a flounder on there

but im being patient which alot of you guys should be doing deffently when your flonder fishing just wait leave it ive got 3 bait out there on that paticular rod ive got three hooks now if there is a couple of fish around why catch one at a time when you can three at a time we cast out at 815 so im going to have cigerete wait few minutes and see what i got there we go guys nice little solent shole bass pristeen condition lovely hook so his going to return brillantly he just change his mind when i pull my camera out his off no more that 200 yard destroying the sea bed ive set up three rod right and there is one way up there just three hook flapper and ive just picked up a thornback very happy what can i say wait a , what a amazing couple of weeks fishing ive had

its female, you know it doesnt get any better than this does it lads picked him up on a bit of ragworm yeah 44cm accross the wingsits a good 44 anyway arlright lads just had another small bass its turnt out to be a nice little session its going to be my last cast now because im running out of bait but been well worth a go alright gut cracking little session we had had a nice thorback ray out loads of small bass, couple of small one obviously but what a nice days fishing ive had absolute enough now as you can imagin im soacked through now

im going home to get my self a nice cup of tea place it into the impact part of the lead so that sits tight

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