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Randi Wayland, Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame 2016

(music) [Randi Wayland] Can you tell us how you caught this fish? What did you use for bait? [boy] I think corn [Randi] Corn

Did you have a good time today? [Boy] Uh, huh [Randi] There is nothing more exciting in my life than to see a two or three year old catch their first fish My dad taught me how to fish and how to swim, how to do all kinds of water sports And I have done that all my life I am Randi Wayland

I have my Coast Guard captains license so you can call me Captain Mom like my daughter does (music) [writer] Did you say that your dad built you a rowboat? [Randi] When I was about four years old [writer] We�re out here today doing an interview with Randi Wayland [randi] Bass motel, right there in those stick ups [writer] We have quoted Randi many times in the San Antonio Express News on boat safety and she has been a good source

[Randi] Catfish are an accidental fish that you catch when you are bass fishing [writer] She is 77 years old, still going strong [Randi] I am going to bring him around That is a little baby bass I think We have got a hungry juvenile here

Alright That is a beautiful little fish I love to teach adults how to fish, especially women who have been picked on by their significant others for so many years So now when they get home I tell them, do not listen to those guys out there, you know what you are doing now, you can do it (music) [Ed Parten] The first time we met was at a board meeting for the Texas Association of Bass Clubs

At that time we were working on changing the fish limit, possession limit We felt that if the fishing in Texas was ever going to be premier, that it needed to be reduced because the number of bass fisherman had exploded from the 60s to the 70s to the 80s And with her help the Texas Association of Bass Clubs was a leader in making that happen She loves to fish but she loves to give back (music) [Randi] This is bait that I prepared last night, and I put in garlic infused oil

Go Becky go! [girl] Aaaah, got you! (applause) [Randi] For eight years now, the Region Five game wardens and I do several kid fishes each year [girl] Oh look at it! [game warden] Good job This is big! [game warden] I noticed her passion with fishing, and that is where we�ve developed our bond And she has been like a mother figure helping me out and guiding me along the way Slimy huh? (laughs) [Randi] If you are going to teach a kid how to fish, do not take them out in a bass boat fishing, take them to a dock in a state park

You do not have to have a license within the boundaries of a state park Put a little hook, little worm on there, let them catch a crappie or let them catch a little tiny sun perch or something Look at their expressions on their face Alright, good job! There is nothing more exciting in my life It is wonderful

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