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Post Spawn Lipless Crankbaits: The Ultimate Guide | Bass Fishing

Well, we're on We got one

That springtime, not much beats that lipless crankbait Right off this point, lipless crankbait Oh, there's another one Oh, yeah Nice fat, healthy, I'm liking this lipless crankbait right now

Oh, I missed it Oh, got it there Oh, my God, look at this Double hook! Look at that This is insane, guys

Hey, folks, Captain Mikey of SawGrass Bassing, coming to you from KastKing and BassResourcecom From beautiful northwell, it's still Florida Yay, it may not be the most beautiful day out here in Florida, but it's still my favorite time of year We're talking post-spawn springtime One of the greatest times to be out here on the water These bass are just wrapping up their spawn

There's still a few of them sitting out there, but the majority of them, they're done Yeah, they're done They've done all their dirty deeds, now it's time for them to have a little bit of fun and to feed up Those big girls, they put in all that work, all that time and all that energy on those beds, and now that their job's done, they left the boys at home And now they're hungry, and they're out there looking to have a little bit of fun

They're out there meeting up all their girlfriends, saying "It's time Let's go find a new dancing partner out here" Some of them like to waltz, some of them like to tango, some of 'em just like rock Those big girls can be hungry They're out there patrolling, they're munching on shad, they're munching on bluegill, all those smaller baitfish that are now moving up and starting to spawn themselves

Well, those big girls, they're looking to eat, and that's what they're doing out there right now That's right They're actively, aggressively searching down food, trying to fill those bellies that spent all that energy during the spawn And honestly, when you wanna dance with the big girls, there's only one lure for me It's my all-time favorite, transitional bait, from post-spawn to springtime, you can not beat the lipless lover

You ladies want to dance? You want to dance with me? You want to dance with the lipless lover? Oh, yes, we're talking lipless crankbaits, guys It is a phenomenal bait, it's got so much action, so much activity, and so much energy put inside that bait, that is exactly what those big girls that are looking to dance are looking for You can cover so much area, so much water with the lipless crankbait You can move it fast, you can yo-yo it, there is so many varieties that you can do From shallow to deep, it's up to you how you want to make that lure dance

Now, when you're talking a world of lipless lures, there's a huge variety of 'em, and almost every single lure manufacturer has their own version of a lipless crankbait And no two lipless crankbaits are created equal Each one has actually got its own design, and it's got it's own dance steps in mind I'm gonna to explain to you why each one does what they do, and what the special dance steps truly are Because if you can really teach your lipless crankbait how to tango, you'll have those big girls lined up in no time to dance with you

No two lipless crankbaits are the same whatsoever Don't worry about size, don't worry about color right now, we're talking about sound That's the main importance when it comes to deciding what lipless crankbait you're gonna throw where It's the sound, it's the beat that it provides The beat it provides is what's gonna show you what steps to do when you're ready to dance

Follow the beat, just follow the beat Follow the beat, and you'll find the bass But I'm gonna break down each one to you and kind of tell you why the specific sound of each lipless crankbait is how I determine where and how I'm going to fish it This is the Cordell Spot Cotten Cordell Spots, they've been around forever

It's a light lure, a light profile This is the kind of lure that I'm gonna want to throw in the shallower, grassy flats area This lure is designed for speed and lots of noise and lots of commotion It is a walk-in-the-line, go as fast as I can and make as much noise as I can This one is light, it's designed for a shallow water and speed

Let me show you the sound and the reason why I do that Listen to it It's got that high-pitched, very noisy rattle to it When these things are going through the water, they're going side-to-side really fast Very fast like that

And it's got a great sound to do that However, other techniques that you might use, where you might yo-yo it, you might drop it up and down, you might let it flutter, well, these don't have a lot of noise when you do that Take a lipless and do that Go side-to-side like it's gonna, like you’re in a straight line, and then go up and down Nothing, nothing in there

This is why I'm gonna throw this in a straight line, in a shallow cover, made right along a grass flat, something like that This is a straight line, so it can do its dance Now I just said, there's other techniques involved when you're fishing these, other dance steps, other styles There's the tango, there's the salsa, there's the waltz There's all sorts of dances out there

Now here's another one altogether This is the Strike King Red Eye Shad This is a unique one Side to side, it's got that nice high-pitched rattle to it, just like you hear, but it's also got a deeper knock in there There must be a bigger rattle in there

When you take it and go up and down You hear that? You can hear the difference Side to side, up and down A totally different sound with it So that could tell you right there, this thing can be fished in a variety of different ways

It also has a nice, fast sink, and it's got a nice wobble added to that So you wanna toss this out, run it along side-to-side, stop, let it sink, let it wobble down, and jerk it up And when you jerk it up, it's gonna go side-to-side and get that knock A totally different sound to it, a totally different lure altogether That different three-step instead of your normal two-step, that might be the dance that attracts that big bite

Fishing it a little bit different, not just in a straight line, because straight lines are boring, but if the line dance doesn't attract 'em, then you've got to step up your step Go do a three step Which give me three steps, give me three steps baby This one is a lure that I'm gonna fish in a variety of areas from shallow to deep, and I'm gonna burn it along, let it sink, jerk it up Burn it along, let it sink, jerk it up

Really take advantage of the different noises that a lure like this can actually make But again, I'm letting the sound that this thing can create determine how and where I'm gonna fish it This is an energetic beat Don't waste it Give it the three steps, baby

Let it flutter, let it dance, let it do its thing and find that bite So maybe it's a little later in the evening, maybe it's a little later, they're feeling a little more sluggish, and they really just wanna flow dance with you Well, that's when a lure like this one is gonna come in view This is the Rat-L-Clap, Rat-N-Clap This grappling lure is a unique one

It's actually got just like that one big clank to it Instead of that loud vibration, fast-moving kind of thing, it's got a clank Listen to this That sounds like a slow dance to me, doesn't it? Ah, yeah, that's just slow-dancing a little right there Instead of all those fast moving beads and lots of noise, this one is definitely one that you're just gonna wanna kinda just slowly dance it

But when those girls aren't looking to move too fast, the slow dance of a big clank like this, that could be the dancing step you need That slow clank is telling me how to fish this one I'm gonna fish this one a little more towards the bottom It's got a nice sink to it, a nice rattle to it, and I'm gonna fish it right off the bottom, nice and slow, occasionally giving it a yo-yo, letting it flutter down, letting it flutter out, but giving it that nice, slow approach Slow dancing specialty right there

And here's another one This is the Booyah One Knocker One Knocker because it's got that one knock It's a little bit, little bit louder, you can move it a little bit faster, but it's got that really nice fall to it, where at side-to-side, barely have to move it and it's rattling, but you get that yo-yo That's right

And that is a really, really unique sound, a really unique lure You can fish it a little bit faster, because it's got a little faster clank to it, but you don't need to do too much to this, just a straight flutter up and down This is a great yo-yo lure If it does that, if you go up and down, that's an up and down lure That's a lure you wanna jerk up and down

I'll let it flutter down, I'm gonna pull it up Kind of like a jig, almost a vertical jig This is a perfect lure for that Just let it sink, let it flutter on down, yank it up, let her flutter down, yank it up Look at that guys, that is a new dance step altogether

That could be the one that attracts your next dance partner right there We're gonna call that one the Texas two-step Two steps Yeah, baby And yet another one

Again, so many specific, so many different lures and with all each with their own unique style and sound to it This is a Berkley Warpig This is a great lure It's got that flat nose on it, so when it drops down, it's heavy in the front end It's gonna go down fast, it's gonna sink fast, and it's gonna sit on the bottom nice and operating like this

Then you can definitely jerk it up Now listen to this one Side to side, got a real nice sound to it, but it's also got a different sound on up-and-down It's got the one knock and the rattle This is a fast pace lure doing a lot of dancing, this is a salsa lure right here

This baby dances the salsa When you've got that sound, that great side-to-side sound where you know you can move fast, but you've also got a really loud, fast up-and-down sound to it, dance the salsa with this one Let this thing fall right to the bottom, jerk it up and rip it along Adjust your pattern with this one, go nuts with a lure like this, you can do so many things by reeling it fast, yo-yo-ing it, jerking it There's so many dance moves that a lure like this can do

This is definitely your salsa baby Yeah That's right When these girls wanna dance to this, there's nothing better than a whole bunch of energy and excitement that a lipless crankbait can give you And put that excitement into it, guys

That's what these lures are for, they are built for speed and excitement They are built to dance That's what they're made for, guys There is nothing exciting about walking in a straight line Add a couple of steps to it

Teach yourself how to dance, teach yourself how to dance a lipless crankbait, and, I promise you, you're gonna find those results Especially in the springtime, when those girls have just finished up their spawn, they're hungry and they're looking for a partner to dance with, show them the lipless lover Well, there you go, guys This year, when it comes to that post-spawn transition, hopefully, you now have a few new dance steps in your arsenal This spring, make sure you've got your dancing shoes on, because all the big girls could be waiting to dance with you

Well, folks, I really hope you did enjoy that, and I hope you learned a little something If you did, make sure you smash the heck out of that like button, and share, share, share, share And stay tuned to KastKing, to BassResourcecom, and yours truly SawGrassBassin for plenty more tips, tricks, and techniques in the near future Have a nice time, guys, from beautiful north Florida, I'm dancing with the big girls, it's Captain Mikey signing out

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