Wednesday, 27 October 2021
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Portchester Castle Shore Fishing – Xmas Eve – Sea Fishing Fun

The weather was harsh earlier really hard fishing i wouldnt advice it if i were you ,there we go guys, bit windswept bit windy not very nice at all lost a few set ups i had one nice bass countless amouth of smallbass some of them as small as that aright session the weathers getting alot bettter now the sun just started to come out we had one nice bass on camera tides ebbing right off now we going to be packing up in a minute 20 mins left im going to reel in and see what we got one of the last things i expected to catch was just saying then pack up in a minute ,but its a eel we got a eel about 60 cm im going to put him back im covered in slime now get him back see the blue marks obviously been in a net somewhere he has got the hook in him he swallowed it should rust down in sea water in few days should be ok

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