Saturday, 24 July 2021
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Pier fishing: What is stealing your bait?

Picture this: You're at a great fishing spot, you've got bait on your line, you and your buddies are having a great time– But you cant catch $#*%!!! Something keeps stealing your bait! *crunching, munching* Something is pickin' these apart and we can't catch 'em! So what do we do? What we do is we try harder! Ha, and longer! Solomon's Island is a great place to fish and crab because it sits right on the Chesapeake Bay

We went there for the famous Maryland Blue Crab, but we couldn't catch anything (You see that crab?) Now get the net, get the net! Ahh! Oh! Nooo! When we watched the footage at home, we realized that our bait attracted all sorts of weird underwater creatures We also noticed that there were a bunch of little, small, Northern Pufferfish enjoying a free meal of free chicken necks These chicken necks actually attracted a whole bunch different kind of little strange fish Like magnets, the schools of spot and other fish were attracted to the bait

This guy caught a spade fish in his crab trap! So, one of the weirdest fish that we saw that day was called the Sea Robin, and the Sea Robin is a very strange looking fish with tentacle-like legs, really big spikes, and fins like wings, where it can actually fly out over the water, but the Sea Robin is actually a bottom-feeder! We also saw a herd of beautiful cownose rays, which weren't really interested in our chicken necks but the weirdest fish that we saw was a fish called the Toadfish, and this is a really slimy, gross-looking, um, squishy fish that was, actually, not eating the chicken necks, but instead it was standing on top, it was floating on top of the chicken necks, waiting for little fish to come by so it would eat the little fish So, it wasn't interested in eating the chicken neck, it was interested in guarding the chicken neck and surprising fish, and eating them

The Toadfish could have been what was keeping the crabs away, honestly, We wound up losing all of our chicken necks that day and had to stop fishing because we were out of bait The pufferfish, I guess, just outsmarted us that day, and I wanna know from you guys, have any of you ever been outsmarted by fish? Well, I know for a fact that fish have outsmarted me actually, they outsmart me almost every time I go fishing One time I hooked on to a snakehead, it was a big snakehead, shook it off right at the boat, and looks at me for a good five seconds before it just swims off Just saying, like, "haha, f*#% you" We're going to bleep that out

Thank you guys for watching! Please give us a thumbs up and subscribe below because we post the every single week for you guys to watch! The Senko Skipper channel connects all sorts of fishing, fishing from around the world for you lovely people to share and watch Thank you! We'll see you next week in Florida! See you guys next week in Florida! That was so lame ha ha ha! 🙂

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