Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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Partridge and Purple Soft Hackle | Fly Tying for Trout

hey how's it going it's Kevin today I wanted to show very easy to tie soft hackle it only requires two materials and it's super easy to time starting off in the vise I've got a wet heavy supreme size 14 from partridge and I'm going to be using black sheer 40 knots so I'm going to run a thread base all the way down for the body which fly I'm going to be using the lag urchin it's a French mini flat braid purple color so I'm going to cut off a section at about 4 inches long and what I'm going to do is I'm going to tie that into rate before the bend and then you take this into your stuff Palmer forward barely having touching on the overlapping wraps I just make it a nice clean solid base and then I'm use apart Ridge feather for the soft tackle here I've already pulled one off the skin nice length on the fibers they're kind of going right back into the venomous fly so I'm going to take away all the fluff off the bottom here and now with this feather you won't the convex side facing you you're going to pull back all the bottom fibers and look at the tip and if you go to tie this in and you're tied in by the tip if you think as you're rotating you want these nice privacy facing you on this side so you're going to unzip here on the convex convex side facing you gonna pick up all the left side fibers there's still a couple little fluffy ones down there that I want to get rid of and then go ahead and tie this in by the tip and then I'm also going to take the tip here I'm gonna push it back and tie one two over top of that and then the tip is ready to be taken off here and you can tie with some hackle pliers you want to make sure that you're doing these wraps and they are touching but they are not overlapping and you're brushing your fibers back candy see I got a few are there some people expressing those back they take your whip finish and you make a nice little head on the front and then finish this off on these a little bit of Sally Hansen instead of using the brush I'm actually going to put on a bodkin and take a little bit I just kind of touch on the front there just clean up the eye and so there's a super easy to tie soft hackle if you liked this video please give it a like or subscribe to my channel for more content or check out these other videos that I've done there's a full mix of flying videos there's some gear videos if you like this one leave a comment if you're looking for another video go ahead and feel free to message me but thanks for watching have a good one

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