Tuesday, 11 May 2021
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One day fishing adventure with my friend/കുട്ടുകാരനുമായുള്ള മീൻ പിടുത്തം

hey hello everyone welcome back to doctor fishing i hope you guys enjoying the videos

Hey today me and my friend decided to go for a one day fishing adventure we are hoping to cover at least 3 lakes we are targeting rainbow trout, walleye and pikes mainly watch till the end to enjoy the best fishing actionHey i would like to show you guys some wonderful Canadian summer too well i hope it wouldn't bore you guys too much

The best thing about today we will be using spoons, crank baits, live baits and obviously power baitsThe rods and lines we will be using will be changing from lakes to lakes and species to species Just letting you know that we have a heat warning in today and the temperature is 36 degree Celsius plus in Canada we made sure we are hydrated well as safety comes first The lakes covered are reesor lakes for trouts mainly brown,bull and rain bow

Elk-water lake for pikes and 40 mile for walleyes, As the temperature was too high , the fishing was little bit down but there is some good fishing action Keep watching and eh once again thank you for all subscribers

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