Saturday, 24 July 2021
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Offshore Fishing Trip: 25lb Red Snapper

(music starts) Capt Chad: Oh yeah its on, its on! Chad: Alright its stopped

Click it, give it about two cranks and just wait for him to bite it And when he bites it I'm already getting a bite Pop it to 'em like that and reel 'em in Jeremy: Double hooked Crew member: Yeah from two different fisherman Well, me and Kenny

Crew member 2: Ha Ha (sarcastically) Jeremy: Ringtail Porgey Capt Chad: Get some photography on that! Jeremy: Two on one hook! Whats the trick to that captain? Capt Chad: I ain't sure but I'm fixing to try it again

(Drag screaming as fish pulls line) Crew member: What did you catch him on? Jeremy: Any of yall want to fight him? Crew member: Good Lord Ha ha ha Capt Chad: Whatever you do don't let go of the reel Not that one! Crew member: About all you can do is just hang on

Capt Chad: Jeremy you need your fins then you can go down there and see whats on the line Jeremy: Yeah Crew member 2: Now that's a mate Go on out there and see if that's a shark

Crew member: yeah I think he's resting and I'm resting Jeremy: Yeah if you want you can try to slowly pull up and just reel down I guess that's easy to say when I'm not holding the huge shark or whatever Capt Chad: He bit it off

It was just a matter time All he's got to do is change directions and that monofilament goes in his teeth Crew member: Yep Capt Chad: That was a stud right there though, son

Capt Chad: Whew Reel yours in so they don't get tangled up He is swimming all over the place He'll wrap you up Jeremy: Is it a grouper or maybe a cobia or something? Capt

Chad: Whatever it is it is well over 20 lbs Jeremy: Full grown Crew member: Bream? (sarcastically) (gasp from the crew) Crew member: Holy cow! Jeremy: Wow! Look at its head! That's got to be the biggest one I've ever seen! Crew member: That's a big one! Capt Chad: That right there is a dinosaur Crew member: How heavy is that? Capt

Chad: I'm fixing to tell you I'm going to put it on a scale About 245 lbs Jeremy: Whats the? How did he get all those? Capt

Chad: Chasing crab and fish under them barnacles and stuff

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