Monday, 18 January 2021
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Night fishing for walleyes in a stormy night/രാത്രി മീൻ പിടുത്തം

hello everybody welcome back one more time to doctor fishing I hope you guys are enjoying my videos today I decided to go for night fishing for walleyes as you know the walleyes are the best sport fishing in Alberta Canada I mean anywhere in Canada the walleyes tend to bite usually at nighttime I had so much luck last year fishing for walleyes but this year the fishing population is so much down in Canada all throughout anyways I managed to hook up some walleyes but I couldn't manage to get them on the shore they were so huge and didn't break my line but they broke the hook I used to connect my lures the walleye is tend to bite usually at nighttime and anywhere from when it is dark I would say like 11 o'clock at night usually in Canada we have some darkness and that's the time when they actually bite I checked the weather before I went for fishing and it was perfect for outdoor activities and fishing but we had a thunderstorm with lots of lightning and it built up just as a matter of fact like in a few minutes but I could stay another six owls and caught some fish I hope you guys will enjoy my videos thank you for watching like I said before pretty much all the lures that we use for pike will work for walleye too but walleyes tend to feed at night something glittery something shiny will be helping too much so as you can see I have been using a lure with bright eyes in dark time this eyes of this lure will be very bright it will give the walleye a chance to bite and I have been using spoon and other pretty much all the lures but it wasn't the best day for fishing – anyways I could manage to show you some good fishing action in this video hope you will be enjoying this continue to watch and subscribe to my channel for more trending videos I will be going to some National Park this year I mean pretty soon and we'll catch some good fish so keep keep watching and stay tuned for more videos thank you you

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