Saturday, 24 July 2021
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Mullet Run Inshore Saltwater Fishing for Snook in Stuart, Florida

Today we're fishing in Stuart, Florida it's a gorgeous morning and we just got to the boat ramp at Sandsprit Park, I just threw my net, one cast and we got some bait there's some live mullets everywhere Ok, so the first thing I did with this morning was catch the bait i've got probably a dozen two dozen small little finger mullet and live well so that's a good thing and now what we're doing is we're doing a little bit of topwater action this morning usually when the sun is first coming up that's the best time to throw topwaters and I'm throwing a mullet popper and Captain pad is throwing a lure that walkie walks the dog with along the surface for trying to get those surface bites first thing in the morning and that usually shuts down as soon as the Sun starts to come up so we're going to this for a few minutes and then we're going to switch our tactics ok so we've left inshore we tried the top water thing this morning no luck from Captain Pat he got a bunch of hits I got a couple hits but we didn't actually hook up on a fish so we decided to head off shore it's a beautiful day today this is the first time we've got our flats boat offshore on the beach and it's absolutely gorgeous as you can see flat calm so what we're doing is we're looking for mullet pods on the beach headed south and I just saw some tarpon rolling so we're just checking out the area of seeing if we can see some mullet and some tarpon and hopefully snook as well and just enjoying the area and you're learning more about it about eleven o'clock in the morning give you guys a little update we haven't caught any fish still at zero we are in Stuart the capital of the world for fishing here in Florida especially during the mullet run and I don't know why we haven't caught a fish but getting a little bit frustrated and we got our live bait out we're seeing plenty of huge snook seen a bunch of tarpon already seen all kinds of the fish snapper lady fish you name it I've seen it and the fish are just not eating with putting our baits right in front of them and they are not touching it for whatever reason the currents not moving that fast yet so we'll see what happens but hopefully we can try to catch one fish today that's the goal now yeah he's going to keep at it and hopefully we're going to change spots here soon alright so we moved to a different location which is a good idea and we came up to spot where there's a nice sea wall here and we ended up throwing our finger mullets captain Pat caugth some more finger mullets for us and all of us are fishing live bait and I'm just had this bait on the surface and it got slammed by a big snook and he's gonna jump I think No cooler, no ice, we suck nice fish that's a slot please don't break my thirty well that's a nice fish so pretty (splash) (splash) he's looking good looking real good that's a slot fish fish Here's 30 that's 31 Gorgeous slot fish here total length of 31 inches I'll take it awesome fish and he's really really pretty as you can see put up a great fight and I think we're gonna go catch more fish go ahead and release him (music) (music) (music) Darcie hooked this Jack but her arms were so tired from her last snook that she decided to let me fight it

Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll just come off There's other ones with it nice (splash) Hard lil fighter Hold 'em up

Get out of here You're the jack king of Stuart Look at this, Capt Pat turned his back

Captain Pat Pat turned his back on me so I wouldn't see him with that Jack hahaha He's shy He's shy (splash) nice! nice (splash) (splash) There's a big one with him, look at the huge one looking for something to eat There was a big one with it maybe it was going to eat it (splashing) (music) we're going under people's docks

(whisper) I'm ready for a cheeseburger Cheeseburger in paradise? Winding down our trip, we're going out to lunch with Darcy's dad today and somehow I got roped into buying Capt Pat lunch Oh yea, he put gas in the boat So we're trying this one last bulkhead and then we're going to wrap it up stay tuned Captain Pat is, I don't know, seems like he might catch a fish (music) Alright so we're back home wrapping up the day and we had a beautiful day fishing in Stuart Florida I ended up having some lunch with my father, it was a great time spending some quality time with him and eating a delicious lunch so we're back home now overall the fishing was great

It was a little on the slow side you know the full moon is showing up tomorrow usually that slows down the bite the fish bite in the nighttime when it's light out So today we ended up catching that slot snook, Capt Pat from Swamp to Sea Guide Service caught a small jack and a nice snook and overall the fishing was a little on the slow side but I'm blaming it on the full moon and you know at least we got to experience the area take our flats boat up there for the first time and just explore new waters and we're looking forward again to get back up there again for some more fishing and i'm actually headed to Naples Florida tomorrow, I'm going to be doing Take A Soldier Fishing and I've been invited by The Coastal Angler Magazine, Naples edition and i'm going to be fishing, I'm going to be part of the tournament I'm going to be at the captain meeting and dinner party any awards ceremony as well as fishing with veterans and we're going to be going off shore and I think targeting groupers and stuff So I'm looking forward to that event, should be a great event, it's for a great cause and basically until the next adventure, follow your dream and keep on catching! yeah

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