Wednesday, 27 October 2021
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Montana fly fishing group bringing women together on the water


HOWEVER, BEING FEMALE IS NOT THEIR ONLY BOND, ITS THE LOVE OF BEING ON THE WATER The women are a fast growing segment in the sport so we can add more people who are conserving our waters and getting out and having fun I just wanted to introduce other women and young children to the sport I think a lot of it just to be able to go out and fish indiependently, I think a lot of us have fished with our husbands and significant others and we wanted more time with women friends and see who else out there could offer some different ideas just a need for more women in the community to get together and connect in a safe place

we have so much more fun, we don’t take it serious we catch fish I get left alone a lot with my guys so its fun to meet other people When I was younger, I grew up with arthritis so I couldnt do a lot of the sports I liked I was looking for something accesible and easy to do ,I found fly fishing and I loved it Just being in the water, its not about catching the fish, its about the experience Its the same as the men would say, its the same as being out

I love to know I put the right fly on to catch a fish, that makes my day, even if I catch one, it means i chose the right spot and had the right bug on and that makes my day I forget about everything else Its more source of rejuvination and its where I go to relax The nice thing about it is you can get into this sport really inexpensively and anyone can learn, its not complicated, It’s a super easy sport to learn and you will always be learning, its just fun ITS MONDAY AGAIN AND THAT CAN ONLY MEAN ONE THING- ITS TIME FOR THIS

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