Saturday, 24 July 2021
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Mencari Sambaran Kakap Merah – Mancing Mania Kaltim # 005 Edisi Full Movie [Saltwater]

A sunny day with a calm sea and not undulating Meet again with us Tim MMG Kaltim Spot this time we will try and chart FADs collapsed in the area Marangkayu Together with our other colleagues Hopefully get traction red snapper Not long until on the spot

Strike occurred barrage Alternates team members raised various types of marine fish What fish it was Double Strike !!! Steadyyy !!! Finally, there are our colleagues were able to increase our main targets, namely red snapper Pufferfish !!!! What fish it was Let's see Baby Terkulu / Baby Giant Travelly Steadyyy !!! Finally, our friend Mas Jefy !!! What fish it was

TOP !!! The ship's captain did not want to lose And finally got the fish strikes Ketambak – Lencam [Emperor Fish] yellow tail Garut [Gerut-Gerut] fish Kaneke Strike again !!! kurisi Fishing steady !!! Recently Loosen the drag !!! The sun is setting in the western horizon, we also end the fishing adventure on this day See you again on our next trip Regards!!!

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