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Mark Stevenson: 2015 Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

[music] [Mark Stevenson, Lake Fork Fishing Guide] I fish for a living Yes

Fishing guide [Mark Stevenson] Well, I’ve been here since 1982 My wife also guides here We fish together We do a lot of the stuff together

[Mark Stevenson] Pretty day other than the cold front passing through [Barbara Stevenson, Lake Fork Fishing Guide, Mark’s Wife] I met Mark about 1978 And the only reason I recognized who he was and everything was because back then he was known as one of the best jig fishermen in the United States So I kinda, he became my fishing hero, so to speak [Mark Stevenson] Oh, come on

[Barbara Stevenson] Quick release [Mark Stevenson] Catch and release! [Mark Stevenson] There it goes [Barbara Stevenson] So it doesn’t matter what we do We enjoy doing it together, even after twenty five years [splash] [Barbara Stevenson] Wait a minute

There we go [Mark Stevenson] There you go Get ‘em [fish splashes] [Mark Stevenson] Let me get that fish for you [Barbara laughs] [Barbara Stevenson] I got it

[Mark Stevenson] My valiant and true client [Barbara Stevenson] Alright! Do your job there, guide [Mark Stevenson] Do the guide thing Get their, get the customer’s fish for them [Barbara Stevenson] Alright! [Mark Stevenson] There you go! [Barbara laughs] [Barbara Stevenson] You go ahead and take it out, too

[Mark Stevenson] Take the hook out for you [Barbara Stevenson] Would you fix my bait, please [Mark Stevenson] I’ll fix your bait Pretty fish See that tail, not beat up? That fish is just now coming in

[Mark Stevenson] I really enjoy teaching other people how to fish [fish splashes] [Mark Stevenson] We’ll be sitting and talking in the boat and they’ll ask me about this rod and reel, this equipment They can give you the product number, the weight, what page it's on, what ah, all this How fast this boat’s gonna go How much it weighs

What kind of gas mileage it gets, and on and on and on And I ask one simple question It is February The water is 45° Where you most likely to find the fish

A bass fish And be able to catch them [music] [Mark Stevenson] And the blank look gets on the face [Mark Stevenson] I started fishing with my dad a long time ago And after he died, and I was doing the paper route, just kind of continued on fishing

And then I had a little time there that I didn’t fish cause I went into the Army But the bug hit me again and so in ’72, I bought a bass boat and have been just doing it ever since [music] [Mark Stevenson] A big cold front had come through, and we were just going down the side of a creek I reached down, picked up my rod, made one pitch in there, boom! Brought her to the boat, netted her and that was it I mean, it was just… [Mark Stevenson] What are you gonna call that fish? And I thought for a minute and it just popped in my head, Ethel

[laughs] [Richard McCarty, Fishing Guide] You just can't imagine what a fish like that was at that time Even today, it would be mind boggling But at that time, it didn't look real It wasn't real In my eyes, it wasn't a real fish

[Frank Ray Johnson, Quitman, Texas] Mark was the first man to catch the state record at the same time that Parks and Wildlife was starting the Share-A-Lunker Program Everything came together at the same time And I don't think, in hindsight, it could have been done any better [music] [Richard McCarty] And it just basically opened the flood gates for people to come to Lake Fork Now people knew that they were in here, the businesses just doubled and tripled

[Mark Stevenson] The lure of the big fish worked It gave a lot of validity of a fish that big of what the Parks and Wildlife was doing to further the fishing in Texas in the big fish [music] [Barbara Stevenson] Hello, you beautiful fish [Barbara Stevenson] Being on the lake, whether I'm catching or not, that's my happy place And that's the same way with Mark

[Barbara Stevenson] Come here Easy does it And that’s what we’re out here for [Mark Stevenson] As far as me? Fishing? I’m going to keep fishing until I can’t crawl in the boat It’s just that simple

And I enjoy catching them I like to catch them every day When I can’t stand up in the boat, then I’ll quit (laughs)

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