Wednesday, 27 October 2021
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good morning people! welcome to our most humble youtube channel and today we are going magnet fishing again we,ve made new magnet fishing poles and now i,m putting some tape around the pole for some extra grip just for grip and alsmost 25000 subscribers! so we are going to give away a awesome price a magnet fishing pole!! our new watchdutch company car as you can see, buisiness is going great i just bought this car on this side i want nice watchdutch stickers and now we can take more people with us, like cookiebeer this is a best buy car! life is a party but you have to put the decoration up yourself pump up the yam there they go, live today we are magnet fishing mmmm magnet fishing what did you find? he,s is swimming towards us just to show it this bastard found a dutch coin no way nice coin best find of the day a silver coin from 1977 do you now how it got so far in the lake? in the winter this was a spot, were you could buy a drink if you went ice skating and if you dropped your money in the snow, it was gone thats why you found it in the middle of the lake mascotte! it,s a old billboard this is really awesome! really nice find you did! here i can read mascotte and " shag" " bij uw shag " with your smokes this is a gold find! lemme look it,s a wooden tip cartridge you won,t believe it, but i just saw people swimming this way , with a cat

that,s not a cat? obviously a cat no doubt but brian just said, cat,s don,t like water by my knowlegde they don,t we always, see the most weirdest thing if we are magnet fishing i,ve got pistol rounds some really nice cartridges with our magnet fishing stick you can even shoot! wat? you,ve got? what is it? it,s from a car look i found a frisbee does it work? brian got some thing nice, a 9mm round first i am throwing this to the side an old coocking pot it,s missing a handle this will come in handy i,m hungry already floating arround minding our own buisiness just a great summers day they say john had the voice of a angel john saved the mackerel you are so big the whole water waves when you swim fishing lure! this is number? this is big one! fishing lures are gijs his favorites gijs also went to the hospital with a fishing lure in his arm 2 weeks ago 😛 the watchdutch catfish and some pliers low budget pliers this is really nice one! really nice~! this is worth something ouch, almost that hook in my hand if Gijs was here, he already had thus hook in his arm, nodoubt it,s a harketater this is what a harketater looks like come fishing overhere on this spot who? you ofcourse, i,m filming loop, just looks dandy we,re looking for cardridges door for a safe how do you say Katalysator in english? catalyst a stencil, is something wich is cut out a stencil is a thing if you print out watchdutch, you cut it out and then you can stencil that logo with some paint on a brush kindergarten stuff i found a box! it,s a money box, still closed! full with money! what,s in the box? probably it,s still full with money! look at this it,s a real full moneybox it,s full! full with water only water it was very interesting it really could have been a full tillbox here we see john and then poof poof john is gone we found so much carparts, i think we found awhole car now i,m hungry her is our day menu here,s yours choose something, than i will cook you something great take your pick! pasta,s pizza,s sold out, sadly do you want tortilinni? that,s on sale do you have frenchfries? also sold out, sadly nobody eats fries on a hot day, stupid! do you have carpazzio? sold out also salad? sold out you guys come just for closing, what do you think? everything is gone ! and you guys expect the world! i have tortilinni why you give us a menu, if you only have 1 thing to eat? because i thought you guys would pick the good thing stirring with the harry potter wand 😛 we have a new give away when we reacht 25000 subscriber, we will give away a magnet fishing pole we will pick a winner from the guy,s who are subscribed left a comment below with their name, and shared our video in social media a real watchdutch magnet fishing pole ofcourse a new one! this is just gold this magnet is the greatest, look wat we found, and have found last months we found so much already share, subscribe and leave a comment below! and than you are in the running for this master magnet fishing pole! unbreakable!

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