Thursday, 16 September 2021
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Lapland Dreams Ep 2 – The Sweet Stream

Paul, I see a nice fish here Come here Just take it easy I'm gonna give it a try It's gone Typical I don't think he got scared Here's a smaller one I'll give it a go I tried with a cdc & elk

a small mayfly and a nymph, but the nymph didn't get down to him He's not scared at all Maybe this one Yeah, that looks good He moved I think he looked at the nymph You got him I thought so He took it at last

Yeah, good job Anders I didn't see him take it I just saw that he ate something It shimmers in the sun And the hook sits very lightly Should me move down a bit? Yeah, let's do that A nice rise over there No, too far from the bushes Shit Bring the net! I'm here Do you have the net? Yes He was up here Where the river bends It's a really nice fish What did he take on? A streaking Do you think it's 2 kilos? No Maybe 1,5 He's very strong He's not ready yet My arm is hurting You have to net him now because I can't take anymore Congratulations

Good job This is a nice trout How's it going? I've been 300 meters upstream The river makes a bend up there In the middle of the river there's a really nice fish rising We'll go there after the coffee then Will you pass the cookies please Nice cookies How far up is he? Let's go down here and watch On the edge of the ripple There he is What fly are you using? The big one Do you think I should change? No, give it a try He's moving closer Better get to it before it's too late Wait for the wind to calm down Can you really reach him from there? Well, I probably can but the wind is tricky He's further up now I think I'm gonna change the fly Yeah, let's give him a rest for a while This is a good stretch for bigger fish Very good holding places There he is That's really nice Nice fish, and he picked a good spot to feed But we need to bring him out from the trees immediately if we hook him Very strange he doesn't see us Yeah, that's unbelievable I'll give it a go

It won't be easy He's still there Do you see him? Yes Wait, he went away I don't see him now There he is Close to the bushes He's going out That's good Let it drift He's going to take it

That was really nice Keep on going He's coming Take it easy He's going under the bushes Yeah, I see it Do you want me to net him? Yes please Wait He's ready now He came up nice and gently No doubt he wanted that fly World class Good job That was really exciting Yeah, that was really fun The fishing here is the most exciting I've experienced

It's awesome Yeah, I agree Do you see the red-brown rock? Yes He's 20 cm above that rock Yeah, I see him now The wind is exactly in the wrong direction And the branches are in the way You could try to take him downstream Yeah, but this is more fun I need to cast one meter further and that's not possible No, I have to go around him I think you can get a little bit closer I can't see him now Decent fish Very nice The fishing here is incredible It's almost hard to believe The line is tangled

Do you want me to help? Yes please Good looking fish Look at this There he is Closer to the bushes He has moved a bit He's further down now This won't be easy Try to get closer Here comes the wind again I think you need to get closer Look at my leader It will never work Further up now Try to go up to the birch at least That's not a bad fish He's there again Nice! Good job I'm not in control right now just so you know Almost on the backing Don't get too close to the bushes Don't let him in there There's a branch there It's strong

He's coming down now He's going out He's coming right at me now Not there Can you help me with the net He almost got to the backing They are really strong Do you want me to help you? Yeah, I think that's best Thank you And there the hook came loose I never thought I would get another shot at that fish He's eating quietly Did you hear? He answered He's not coming here is he? I think he is Then we need to hide Stop! Get lost That's a mighty animal Very big horns Powerful I was actually scared there for a while 50 meters of the backing is out! He's very red Look at this fish Very healthy

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