Sunday, 28 November 2021
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Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Vlog – MANcation

damn I think I forgot to record look at all this Fanta so of course another travel vlog it's what I do I've done a dozen of these this one's not for work this is a vacation to go on and some guided fishing trips and I got my bros Jodi and Mike with me for this one all right were they yet yeah all right Mike I mean oh and Jodi we're gonna go do some guided fishing at Lake Texoma we're about to leave and we'll see someone later we're gonna get to know we're gonna get to know biggest ray-ray this is get to know your bloggers what up Ray's hanging out what two of the coolest guys he ever is met it's alright I'm gonna ask you some questions you just this is rapid-fire questions your favorite animal online cheeseburgers because I can eat them my name there was an animal have you ever been to Australia no what is the top three things on your bucket list going to Australia going to the Grand Canyon going to Italy who is your celebrity crush I know you want me to say everyone will be what it's both Pecha tacos this is your finale so what I would say as I say it all the time in the biggest do something everyday to make somebody else's day great if you can do that but the rest your life with a speak for itself so you'll always find a way to make your day great if you're focusing on finding a way to make somebody else's day even better so there is a McDonald's in Oklahoma that has pretzels I'm not sure if it's the only McDonald's in the world that has pretzels but they've got them here this is about two miles north of highway 69 on highway 75 has some random little truck stop gas stations place these these things here to face off the screen you weirdos there's the man right there's that check and smoke sessions barbecue even this on this fishing trip Mike this is your first time having smoke sessions Barbic it is oh my God look at these sausages oh my god I love those so much I'm so that's kind of help I don't really do anything I said didn't watch you guys already know Jody we got Brian and Walt that's right finishing my swimming trunks okay my legs are so white I'm blind all you guys and I'm gonna get to catch all of this it's getting pretty late at night it's time to go to bed tomorrow as day two we're gonna go fishing it's time to go out and destroy the fish in the lake so uh this camera is staying here there's no way I'm risking this gun to boat so the next few shots you see you're gonna be from a cell phone so it is what it is right me and Brian got the first fish oh mercy look at that look at that it's gonna make a nice little sandwich later look at these guys sitting down on the job good grief all three of them sound right you're a liar what happened ray what happened ray you know those little fishies it's gonna be a nice little snack later so tonight for dinner we came to downtown Sherman Texas we're about to go into a spot called the old iron post looked it up on Yelp got some great reviews so I come I side with us check it out so fancy oh my god oh my god that burger dude I was totally defeated by my texas-sized dinners on occasion even biggest ray-ray gets to go box that's Marty you're probably the single best fishing guide on Lake Texoma ever and he's really gonna pull the ink out of the water but in all seriousness I'm gonna put a link to his website in the description down below we're ever in Oklahoma Tech City look this guy up you'll catch a whole ton of fish they're firing the whole right it's alright got a decent flavors here and the other one there's a little bit of heat on the back end I would say that bundle well wings of Galatians house it's about two and a half times hotter do it okay that were sore about saying do you think you'd get any 25 wings like that if I had the capacity to eat 25 wings this would be a fairly easy challenge and there you have it free ray so thanks again guys for hanging out I appreciate your support with all the subscribes thank you for all the thumbs up and I remember to be biggest do something every day to make somebody else's day great in that right guys I'm the biggest my biggest ray-ray in the biggest mic line biggest mic mic and mediocre Jodie you

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