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Key Largo Fishing Charters – OffShore Sport Fishing with MissChief

Whats up guys? This is Grant, and today we are going on a fishing charter in the Florida keys Let's go check it out

Hey, we're on a boat! I'm on a boat! Where am I going this morning? Ballyhoo bait fish It just slowed down It should get pretty interesting pretty fast I'm stoked So what do we have going on? Putting our lines out

What do we have going on here? Rigging up a ballyhoo We are breaking his back so he swims correctly (so he wiggles) Rigor mortis You kind of go through the gill there Get that hook as far down as you can

Go back around his gills, kind of sew him shut Go through his eyeballs there Tighten everything up a little bit Break his beak off, and you're good to go Been out here for about 15 minutes trolling, and I think we've got something on the link so we are going to go check it out! Oh man! What do you have, Hunter? Oh, we've already got another one

Sweet! Just keep that line tight guys We are going to try to hook up as many as we can You're holding the school for us oh nice! That's a big rainbow runner That's like California yellowtail

boom Nice! [pulling in another mahi mahi] Gaffing a Mahi Just leave your fish right there for a second Nooo!!! Oh, the carnage! [Gaffing another mahi mahi] Watch out! Open that cooler Yeah! [Catching another Mahi Mahi] A baby! Aww man Nice catch there, Hunter It was the biggest one yet, right? Naw/ He was a baby

Alright this is what we got so far Mahi, rainbow runner, triple tail I'm the king of the world! [titanic music] The surface is definitely slow out here so what we are trying to do is put some meat in the box Get through the hottest part of the day when typically the bite on the surface is a little slow

Typically a deep drop is any sort of bottom fishing we do past 300 feet of water If you look over it is 70 meters away Backwards yellow edge Nice Yellow edge grouper guys

That's good eating! I saw the bubbles Oh and a tile Nice! So that is a yellow edge grouper, and that is a blue line tile fish His stomach, they throw up their internal organs when they get pulled up from that depth This is the only kind of fishing I know where you can eat a sandwich and have a coke and still catch a fish at the same time; have both your hands full

Did it come with any friends? Oh I thought it was a grouper Big ol' tile Woo! He swallowed that hook Tile Fish Mahi

Nice Grouper What happens when you fall asleep? You get water on your face Hahaha Hehe Pour the whole thing on him

Hahahaha Ahhh Now that was a reaction I got both of you I'm throwing him overboard the first chance I get

Okay That scared me Collin is just happy to be out here Hes having a good time It's like doing product placement, you know

My favorite part of fishing right here The filleting? No Yeah, I tell you It aint my favorite part either There's a bunch of restaurants in this area

I'm sure Corey told you Most of them will cook it up for you If you guys want to have a dinner without cooking After the fishing charter was over, we took a small portion of the fish that we caught to a local restaurant, and they cooked it up for us Let me tell you

Delicious It was amazing After our whole vacation was over we brought it all home in a cooler and cooked up just another small portion of it for our big group family dinner We put some blackened seasoning on it, and oh my gosh, let me tell you Even the kids that hate fish loved it

It was amazing We had a great time So if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up Let me know in the comments below what kind of fish you are interested in catching, and if you are actually interested in booking a fishing charter in the Florida Keys, or in Key Largo itself, check out the link below in the description It takes you directly to the charter I went on

I actually paid for my charter No one asked me to make this video I'm just doing this because I thought it was an awesome experience, and you will too if you book through them So again, give the video a thumbs up, and we will see you in the next one! Thanks for Watching!!! Wait, who reads this stuff anyway? Best 20 minutes of my life was captioning this video Ok

For real We are done

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