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Kentucky Lake Bass Fishing – 1701

(soft music) – We're here on Kentucky Lake this morning We're gonna spend a couple days bass fishing

We got water temps right now starting up about 53 Probably gonna climb up to 55, 56 It's pre-spawn We're down around New Johnsonville This is an area of Kentucky Lake that I've never fished

We're actually idling out of the boat ramp right here by the bridge that crosses the lake right here We think the fish will be pre-spawn, sitting up on the points, traveling in the ditches We've got our Garmins all set up so that we've got our good map shading Where were gonna go about zero to three foot on our red, we're gonna go yellows in about three to six, and green six to ten probably I think that's gonna really help me clue in on some of these areas where there's gonna be some of the depressions, maybe some ditches, secondary points out there

I've also adjusted my depth level so that I know exactly what we're dealing with We're kind of around the winter draw down right now And when you're on the winter draw down on this body of water they really suck it down, and prepare for the spring floods I've adjusted my lake level to be at 354 exactly right now So that all my numbers on my charts are gonna show up to be exactly what we're looking at

And that's just some of the great features that Garmin builds in so that when I go to an area, or you go to an area that you've never fished before, it clues you in on exactly what's going on out there So you can feel comfortable, not only that you can find fish, but you can navigate a little bit safer Let's go fishing I love to fish shallow To me shallow, less than five foot of water is one of the funnest place to fish

I like to throw the targets on the bank I don't care what those targets are Reeds, rocks, lay downs, boat docks, anything, grass I don't care what it is I just like to fish shallow

Chunking and winding in the spring, see if we can find some that have moved up into a flat, and everything We're kind of going down through here, you can see the creek that's going in here There's a big marina I mean the fish want to go back It's just the natural migration

And you just got to get the bait in front of 'em and intercept 'em somewhere, so That's really all we're gonna try to do And when you can find 'em this time of year, it's not uncommon to really wreck 'em And Kentucky Lake has more than plenty to wreck There he is

Right there at the boat there is a drop off I can see it on my sonar right there Got my Panoptix out there, it was kind of doubled up Just an old sand drop Come here

That's a nice one Boy he just barely got it The water is kind of muddy right here right now Throwing that chartreuse black back Caught him on the back hook

He's just probably swiped at it More than likely just moving in to set up to spawn Nice, fat, Kentucky Lake bass Whole bunch of 'em right up here I'm right at the end of our shading

Right where that drop off is I mean it makes sense It doesn't look like it, if you were just kind of, golly I just got crushed I can see so many fish on the Panoptix right now I mean they are just piled up on the Panoptix right in front of me

This is fixen to get stupid I have a feeling Once you get your first bite, it's amazing in how your whole mood changes and what you start to do And what you start to notice in an area Immediately to the right of where I caught my first fish, I notice there was a little kind of a bay A little pocket

And when I look at my mapping it looks really shallow I had dialed in the exact water depth based on how low they dropped down And I'm thinking man there's not but a foot or two of water up in there But I've learned in the past that's all it takes sometimes You just got to get in there and find where little ditch is

Find where maybe the wind is blowing the bait fish in And if you can find a little bit of a depression, might only be six inches to a foot in some of these shallow pockets, you can find a lot of fish When they bite, they are fun to catch Let him go back Well this is such a famous body of water

It's always fun to come over here A lot of times I come over here and I don't' necessarily get a chance to fish We'll be doing the Collegiate, Cabela's Big Bass Bash presented by Berkley And I'll come over here and we'll work that, and you'll see all these kids coming in with four pounder after four pounder And occasional eights and nines rolling in

This time I just deiced to come over a couple of days early And really get a chance to enjoy the area I've been coming over here now for about five years straight to the Paris Tennessee area for that event And it's just fun I mean I couldn't resist it

I had to come two days early You know a few things to keep in mind when you're fishing shallow cover Boat positioning is so key It's very easy to hit your trolling motor and just totally blow silt everywhere, but that's where Power Pole really comes in to play You can ease up to the shallow cover, drop your power poles down, maintain position, and make multiple presentations, from different angles with different baits

That's a couple of bites on that same cast Use those Power Poles to my advantage right there There he is This might be another drum No it's a bass

Oh man down there, dirt, dirt, dirt, shallow That's fun Look at that That's what you call eating it right there When they get it right like that

That's eating it (chuckles) Man I'm fishing in 28 according to here, but I'm casting at about six inches to catch these little guys that are in here They sure are fun Go back and see if we can't catch another one

– [Announcer] The Fisherman's Handbook is brought to you in part by, Cabela's, it's in your nature Yamaha Marine, reliability starts here Ranger Boats, still building legends One at a time (soft music) – You know it is winter here

We're on the winter draw down, and we're over visiting Kentucky Lake Fishing out of Paris Tennessee And water temperatures started this morning in the low 50s they've climbed to about 55, and we've been seeing a lot of bait fish Really shallow And I mean shallow you can tell

We're in the mud right here We've struggled on the ledge deal in the grass out there We haven't been able to get any bites So we're up here in this dirt shallow because there's some bait here, and there's some bass up here feeding So the moral of the story, even though it is super cold, those afternoons

From super cold I mean the water temperature, those afternoons when they warm up, they can push those fish really shallow And if there's bait in that same area, you can flat out catch 'em a lot of times Talk about matching the hatch Look what we just snagged right here I mean that's basically a lot of the same types of colors that we're throwing on there

Lipless crank bait right here That's what you want to do when you're fishing, you want to get as close to that, matching the hatch as you can What their feeding on And we saw a lot of the bait fish up here, you know flipping and jumping out of the water Man I just hit more bait right there

The result was several bites No giants We just hadn't hit them, but they can happen on any given cast Because now I know in my mind I'm throwing exactly what these guys are in here eating – The spro ruko shad is a bait that I lean on any time that I'm looking for that rattling style bait

I mean we got the small size, the 3/8ths, we got a half, we got a 5/8s We've really got the whole gambit covered when it comes to a rattling bait The colors this throw offers across the board – It's a bait that you can use when the shad are spawning, or if the fish are schooling, or if you're fishing around grass Or fishing around rip wrap

Something where you need a lot of noise that's gonna draw those fish into biting the bait So much as written, so much has been talked about, you know rattle type baits, but to have something that has a good components of gamakatsu hooks on a bait that already come with it, it makes it that much more better Whether it's the fat pop, or the little John series, the mcstick series, rock crawler series, I mean we have got the colors covered from every bait that you want to throw So definitely be sure and check out the whole line of Spro baits – You know shallow water bass fishing is something that it's an addiction to me, it's a passion of mine

I mean I want to go shallow more than I do anything else So if I'm going fishing I'm always looking at the bank for targets to throw at And the reason why is that I've just had success doing that It's something that I'm comfortable doing So as a person or as an angler, if you're gonna go fishing and you think you need to be fishing shallow, by all means go flip that cover

Make a presentation to that cover And do it with several different baits One thing I've learned over the years Is I may think I need to go flip a jig in there But if one doesn't bite that jig, I might need to throw a square bill in there

I might need to throw a spinner bait in there I might need to throw a shaky head in there I can pitch it in there But if I see shallow cover, and I feel like there's a bass on it, I need to figure out how to make that bass react and catch him You know the size of the fish that we're catching doing this, chasing these fish in these pockets, and these wind blown holes, they're not really the biggest ones that live in Kentucky Lake

But they're fun to fish for, it's a great technique You know whether you're fishing here, or Lake Texoma, or anywhere in the nation And for me it's about getting bit, it always is But we're gonna spend a lot of time coming up, out on these main lake ledges, out on these main lake drop offs, fishing you know those river channels, trying to intercept or catch up with some of those bigger fish that are in schools that are out there But it's just a great way right here what we been doing today to show you how to get bit anywhere

We're doing it on Kentucky Lake right now, but it'll work anywhere There he is Better fish here Come here buddy I mean that fish was so shallow

So shallow And so much fun Just in here eating what they think is a shad And you just winding it, and pumping it, and they will crush it That's all there is to it

– [Announcer] We're wrapping up a great afternoon of fishing here on Kentucky Lake, where Wade has been spending the afternoon fishing shallow, windy points and pockets Targeting bass, feeding on thread thin shad Wade has plans to fish again in the morning And with the change in the weather expected, it should be a great day on the water here on Kentucky Lake (soft music) The Fisherman's Handbook is brought to you in part by, Garmin, fight your fish, not your fish finder

Bradley Smoker, food smoking made easy Sawyer Products, we keep you outdoors Spro, sports professionals (upbeat music) – We literately just launched our boat here We're at Paris Tennessee at Paris landing state park

This is actually one of my favorite places to go, and the reason why is it's just got that great fishing feeling in it You know Kentucky Lake as a whole is one of the great bass fishing lakes, as well as crappie, that you're gonna find in the nation And people come here from all directions to catch fish We're gonna piddle around today There's a lot of storms in the area

We're gonna talk about fishing when the weather is kind of bad Things that we do And see if we can't catch a few fish while we're at it Because this lake is absolutely loaded, but that means we gotta go find 'em, or we're gonna be embarrassed if we don't catch 'em There he is, right there

There's bite number one Here in Paris Nice little chunker I just every time I see this little stretch right here I feel like I ought to be able to come behind here and catch one I've never had a chance to fish it

He ate it Love it when they get it right like that You know when you're out fishing weather like this sometimes the simplest place to unload where you can be protected is a good thing But you know if you're comfortable with the conditions you can run around in any type of fishing scenario like this and probably find some great fishing You usually have low pressure when it's like this

Hit a rock right there, thought I had another one Usually you have low pressure when you got storms like this, and it's been my experience when you got low pressure you catch a lot of bass This just looks right You know I love to fish around marinas Marinas with a rod

I like fishing any where, obviously But marinas with rocks and a scenario like this, it just feels like a great place to catch one right now The lake is way down where we're at You got to work a little bit a lot of times to get back behind places, and maneuver around 'em But if you take your time, and not make too much noise, and respect the folks property that are all around it

You can get back into some of these, and really catch some great fish Come here buddy Not a very big one Imagine that's what I've had bite it the last couple of times I missed a couple of 'em

About that size probably That are just kind of slapping at it in this darker color water Didn't miss that little guy – [Announcer] We'll be right back with more Kentucky Lake The Fisherman's Handbook is brought to you in part by, Arctic Ice, we put the cool in coolers

Sunline America, the strength to guarantee your confidence Big Bite Baits, designed to bring the big bite to your line – Water is still really cold But we should be a little better warming conditions where we're fishing right now I mean a cold front just came through

It's been raining You've seen that earlier Water temperatures are 53 And this lake is really low Having a hard time really honestly figuring out how to catch the bigger fish

We're catching a lot of fish doing this You know fish fairly shallow But we have yet to find that big school of the females that are coming in It's been kind of difficult for us to dissect why or what to do We're literately running down the bank with shallow running crank baits our to about six feet

And lipless crank bait as well Been catching some fish Most of the fish that we're catching are way in the back There's a lot of bait fish all the way in the back, of these pockets So we're just covering as much water as we can

And it'd be the same thing somebody can do at home on their lake when it gets down, and it's kind of cold like that And fish in pockets that have a lot of bait fish in 'em That fish right there just smoked it And all of these pockets are just full of big thread thin shad And we're just trying to match the hatch

For lack of a better word That's a nice one right there And throwing it out there, and pumping it And we're mimicking exactly what these fish are feeding on You know the shad that we're seeing

And we know thread thin shad look just like what's sticking out of the mouth of that fish right there And with the water temperatures being cold, those shad will die And when they die or they struggle, they just kind of flicker down And these fish are biting it on the pause And the bait is just falling down, and they're pow

You know you can just see, I mean that mimics a shad And these fish are pretty fat, pretty chunky We just got to get out there and find a giant And if we don't find a giant that's okay These are all heavy two pound fish

And fun to catch See if we can't catch another one You know it's pretty common I've throw lipless crank bait all over the nation to catch fish You know the grass ditches of Rayburn and Toledo Bend, the sand drop flats at places like your Texoma here on Kentucky Lake

It's obviously working Another thing I've always noticed that when I catch a drum this time of the year When I catch a drum this time of year I catch bass And we've caught several drum in this pocket Oh another good bass

We've caught several drum in this pocket And now we finally located the bass These bass are on this little bit of rocky stretch right here We fish the dirt side and didn't get any bites Finally got over here around this rock, and it's about a foot deeper, and now we're starting to catch 'em

That's so fun right there You know shallow water fishing across the nation is just something that a lot of people do There's a lot of people drawn to it We like to throw to a target You know I don't know whether we want to see how accurate we are

Or just the fact that we've always had success fish shallow So everywhere I go, on any body of water, I'm always looking for a shallow bite It's just something that I love to go do There's ya a Kentucky Lake good one right there Finally

Talking about right there That's a mouth full of bass Look at that bass right there That's a good one right there Fat, sassy, pre-spawn

Kentucky Lake good one (chuckles) You get out here twitching around, jerking around, cranking around on these ledges and drops That this lake is so famous for That's what you can catch We have absolutely caught a ton of bass

One very important and final thing I can talk about on the shallow water fishing Is that I've noticed over the years is that when I can find a lot of bait shallow, there's gonna be some bass around 'em And it's almost in my mind, it's like they've herded of these shad up there Or they blue gill might be spawning, and there's gonna be some bass lurking around the edges of 'em Or whatever it maybe

And when I can find bait fish in an area where there's some shallow cover, I'm almost always gonna find an ole bass looking to eat one of them And I'm hoping I can trick him into eating my bait, verses those bait fish Oh yeah There's ya a Kentucky Lake stud right there Covering water

Oh buddy, that is so much fun right there Love this lake Love catching fish this way Yaw what a good one I'm gonna have to take a picture of this one

Daw what a giant What a giant right there That is a stud right there About two and half, three foot of water, right on the drop Woo! That's fun

Put this big girl back Ready to go, go down to the depths Oh son, I'm gonna tell ya what, that's fun right there You can see the point right there Little chunky rock right there

We've been ripping that bait along like that, and on the pause, thump! And we caught drum And every now and then we were like, oh, that's a pretty big one Well that one there, big ole bass That is so much fun We looked at this point when we first come in, felt like it had all the dynamics

Catch a big one And we caught a ton of fish on that side over there But we ended up right here Glad we did

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