Thursday, 16 September 2021
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Is it good to fish in the rain? –Fly Fishing in the Rain on Lainio River Sweden [Part 2]

Good points for a rainy day Is it good to fish in the rain? it's just a short walk and we are back to the car That way So this is the conclusion of an awesome awesome trip It was raining quite a lot and we've tested out a nice recipe The committee trying to cook smoked grayling

I'm sure it will be good 1 Catch and clean few fish 2 Add some salt 3

Place into a smoking bag 4 Cook for 40 minutes 5 Add some manual labor to keep the wet firewood burning

6 Done when meet flakes Check by pulling a fin off And you know what? the committee did really good excellent smoked grayling

Good points for a rainy day If you are fishing you can't get wet because either way you are half under water Second There's no mosquitoes And third one If it rains at night it's really nice to sleep in tent because you don't wake up for the hundred degrees sauna when the sun is shining so there's good points about rain as well but it makes the filming a little bit difficult but fishing is fine

so the main reason to come here is that it's awesome dry fly fishing for grayling and this is pretty good fly It's important to get it to float nicely so we put some wax there and also leave a little bit of the tippet without wax but then the whole leader put some wax on that We'll try this kind of fly-fishing technique Now the fly is stuck in my sleeve that's how you should do it as a conclusion awesome awesome time in the wilderness And now you get out there Hope you liked this video if you did please click the like button and subscribe to my youtube channel and if you want more fly-fishing tips go ahead and download your free fly-fishing cheat sheet There's a download link in the description box below the video thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video

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