Thursday, 14 January 2021
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How to Report a Charter Fishing Trip Using SAFIS – Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Here we are at the ACCSP main website, accsporg

You're going to click on “Data Center” and “SAFIS” and then “SAFIS Applications” Go ahead and enter your login information and select ”SAFIS Electronic Trip Reports” This time instead of the “TFL-CRABS” we're going to go to “TFL-CHARTER” because we want to add a charter trip report You’ll notice that I've already activated favorites for this license If you're curious about how to set up favorites there is a previous video that we created on how to do so

We're going to select “Trip Reports” and “Create NEW Trip Report” right here at the top You'll see that all of these fields are mostly filled in With the charter trip reports you can add the “Start Date” and the “End Date” using this calendar icon again We’ll say May 7th It auto-populates both of those fields, because, most likely, you were out for just one day

The “Number Of Crew” is at least one, let's say it was two that day and you had six anglers on the boat Then here you have the “Waters Fished” and the “Gear” again We have “Hook And Line” that's for rod and reel fishing The “Gear Quantity” is how many lines did you have in the water Let's say 18

You were fishing for 4 hours This next section here we have some default species These are both striped bass and one of them says “Kept, disposition unknown” and the other is “Released alive” Most Chartermen are keeping the number of fish on record, but they're not all keeping the poundage At least you have to put in the number, so let's say that we kept five striped bass

We weighed them and it was a total of 60 pounds worth of fish If you don't put anything in this “Reported Quantity” it won't let you save it, so at least put a zero there if you didn’t weigh them For “Released alive”, a lot of times you'll know that you released three alive but you don't know what poundage is, so we’ll just put 0 It's not very much information It's pretty straightforward and you just want to make sure that each one of these fields has something in it and that it's correct

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the “Save and COMPLETE” button It takes you to that “I certify that the information is true” page

You want to say “Yes” it is true Then you can review what you entered here If you'd like to edit it, you can click this button or say “Finish” when you're done You can also print this page for your records When you say “Finish” it takes you back to that main trip report screen that we’re used to now

You can see the month of May and May 7th has that charter trip listed there You can edit it using this button and you can add another trip using the “Create NEW Trip report button”

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