Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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How to Catch Trout – Trout Flies and Fishing for Trout

No knowledge or theory but a firm belief Today is a video day

And what's great about video days is that it includes fishing for trout So, we are checking out Varisjoki River Confessions of a fly angler

I rarely tie to my own trout flies Don't be shocked Today I bought awesome new trout flies I will try these fishing for trout With this one I've caught a salmon, trout, rainbow trout and a grayling Grayling with a smaller one So I have a high trust on these ones

How to catch trout By dumb luck No knowledge or theory but a firm belief to catch trout I'm so happy I lost my sunglasses I had them on my hat

I don't know where I dropped them Iso kala What an awesome start for the day First how to catch trout And it was awful awesome fight on the apex of a rapid after that each of us caught a trout Unbelievable

And then we head back home And now you get out there

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