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HILARIOUS Tai Chi, Hot Springs, and Shrimp Fishing Day Trips from Taipei | 12 Days in Taiwan EP5

(upbeat music) – I don't know I don't know how I feel

– [Will] Previously – Ha! – Ha, it's a bitch – Whee! – [Will] You're just like, old – [Chantelle] You're getting old – Good morning – [William And Chantelle] Good morning! (speaking Mandarin) (wind blowing) – Oh my God, we're back in a van! (pffft) In December we had the opportunity to travel to Taiwan with my wife Chantelle

We explored the country from top to bottom, we learned about something called Taiwanese "re qing", and came out of it with that much more of an appreciation for the people, the culture, the landscapes, and very full and satisfied tummies I don't know if we pushed ourselves to the limit as much as we have on this trip, but that's kind of what travel is all about This was one awesome trip that I'll never forget So we're back in Taipei and what better way to start our morning than to have breakfast here at the WESTGATE Hotel Alright, so we're on a cab right now, and we're headed towards a temple

Because what we're going to be doing there is actually learning how to do tai chi We've never done it before, we're going to do it like a local It's somewhere in here So we finally made it, and we have Joshua and Chantelle back there on the floor This is just the beginning, this is the stretching part of tai chi, but there's more to come

(relaxing music) (Master speaking Mandarin) (hands slapping on legs) (relaxing music) (speaking Mandarin) (playful music) (Master speaking Mandarin) – It's almost like a martial arts dance – This is the part where they always put me in the children's class It's pushing hands I don't know what to do yet Let's just watch

A performance that they very much want me to be in and I very much do not wish to be in This is leading towards something March, there's going to be a performance that they want me to be in Also, I have to buy a fan – [Master] Hai! Ho! – So that guy back there is the master, and he's been teaching everybody all the different moves, and the proper steps and motion and posture

He's really good (Master calling out to crowd in Mandarin) – [Will] The dog's been humping me all day – Relentless! And I guess that's it! I guess it's time for hot springs – (Speaking Mandarin to cab driver) – [Will] So then we hopped on a cab and we head down to the southern town of Wulai – (Speaking Mandarin to vendor) (upbeat music) (ding!) – (Speaking a Mandarin) (upbeat music) – Ooh! Snacks to go! – So Joshua's taking us through the old street of Wulai right now

– This is the most famous dog in Taiwan – This is almond drink Kind of a cool spot here There's not a lot of tourists, yet, anyways So we're just kind of roaming around before we go to our hot springs

Really fresh and authentic almond (relaxing music) So for our second last day in Taiwan, Joshua from My Taiwan Tour was nice enough to take us out to Yen Town in Wulai This is natural hot spring, they pipe in the water straight from the hot spring in the area And it is piping hot It's been great to just kind of soak and relax

Especially from our last couple days of really intense hiking Going downhill is so hard! So the hot springs here consist of various pools all with different temperatures, ranging from the very hot, in this case 43 degrees, to the very cold, which is ice, ice cold On the backside here, we also have a room temperature pool overlooking the river There's also beach chairs that you can use if you want to grab a sip of coffee This part here is covered, so if it's raining you're still good

And I'll say that, being here for a couple hours on a weekday, it hasn't been busy at all But I think the most important part is that it's really clean The Taiwanese are very specific about having clean feet So that's why they got these pretty much everywhere Rinse, and voila! Now, this part I'm not looking forward to

So I think this is almost ice cold Aarrgghh! – [Joshua] That's it, that's it! – It's cold! Oooh! Like a polar bear 43 degrees it is hot! Ooh! This is really hot, guys This is also supposed to be good for you, slightly painful So you ready for this? This is going to be serious punishment

Good for, massage? Alright we're having a local, tribal lunch (speaking Mandarin) – [Joshua] This is all like the famous stuff from Wulai The other thing that I would consider a very exclusively tribal thing is that stone-cooked mountain pork – [Will] And this was our chance to try other tribal foods like bamboo rice, soup, vegetables, and fried fish And hey, I couldn't say no to free shots

There were also wonderful new fruits that we had never seen before, including this one called a custard apple For the rest of our time in Wulai, we got to walk around and eventually explored a nearby temple where we then got a glimpse of some local hot springers out in the open, which was kind of interesting So, we're in an area called Bitan? Yes, this place is called Bitan So we just took a suspension bridge and there's this popular popsicle place that Joshua said that we should try So, here's my pineapple popsicle

I don't know if this tastes like pineapple We said our goodbyes to Joshua and started to make our way into the city, but there were distractions galore! (ding!) We just saw this guy with a scooter, and he was literally using this bank right here to swap out two of his batteries, put in two new ones, and it's a special type of bike I guess it's called Gogoro, and it's a bike that you can obviously charge at home, but, on the road, here at a 7-Eleven, all you have to do is put in your bad batteries which are depleted, pick up two new ones and then you're good to go (speaking Mandarin) It's a monthly subscription fee, and that's it So, this is kind of like what I envision Tesla to kind of be like with the future, and they already have it here in Taiwan

Alright guys, we are at Addiction Aquatic Development here in Taiwan It's a really cool place here because it's a modern kind of building that they've developed that's all about seafood So they got, inside, basically an area that's like a supermarket where you get everything from fresh sashimi, they've got cooked foods as well There's a restaurant in the back And you can also find your own seafood that you can cook, as well

So there's a bit of everything if you're a seafood lover, this is the place to come So for our last night in Taipei, we thought wouldn't it be really cool to do some shrimp fishing? And so we're here in Zhongshan District, the shrimp farm, shrimp shrimping area First step I want to show you is basically you gotta hook on the bait So it's basically these small little dried shrimp It comes with two hooks, so pretty easy to do

I'm clearly not very good at this Alright, so we got two on It's a pretty simple fishing pole They've got a buoy here that kind of floats, which is set to the perfect height of the pool No reeling in, really, so you got the bait on, all you gotta do is cast into the water, that is step two

And you sit here patiently What the shop owner was telling us, in terms of how to catch shrimp, you got the buoy out there in the water, right? And you're just looking for movement, for the buoy to drop And then you want to wait about 10 to 20 seconds after the buoy has some sort of movement And when it's ready you basically give it a yank and you should have shrimp Now we've done this a couple times, nothing so far because they ate all of my bait

All of my bait! Once the bait's gone, you just try all over again (Ding!) I think this is going to take a lot of patience Oh my damn! I didn't know shrimp ate other shrimp, so that's kind of interesting There may not be any dinner tonight – [Chantelle] Nothing! Yes! The first one! – I gots it! – [Chantelle] Yay! – We're eating tonight None of the rules really applied, I just saw a little bit of movement and I was like I guess I'll yank for fun, and I got something We can eat one shrimp tonight

– Aah! Aah! My first one! – Oh God! Two to one right now, if we're keeping score One of the other steps, after you catch – [Chantelle] They have claws, so you have to, like, pull it down and then there's the hook there – [Will] Kind of rotate it out – [Chantelle] Yeah, that's it! (quick tempo music) Ooh! – [Will] I got another one – [Chantelle] You got another one

– If anyone's counting, that's three to one You got another one! – It's a small one – [Will] So it's three to two I think there's some movement It's really hard to tell, it's really all a gut feel

(Buzzer) Our five catches Three from me, two from Chantelle, so I would say that I won the challenge! (Chantelle laughing) – [Announcer] You win! – [Will] Getting ready for our tummies Looks like they're almost ready Check out our winnings, sort ofnot really winnings because we paid for it, but yummy! Piping hot and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this guy

It's our last day here in Taipei, and we literally only have four and a half hours to go So how many things do you think we can fit in – Four and a half hours? (upbeat music) – Guess where we're at?! We're at – [Chantelle] Din Tai Fung! – [Will] Now we're trying to work things out because we literally just ate breakfast, but mic just fell off

It's your dumpling man So, they said it's about a five minute wait And, that we can start ordering right now – Ooh! – So this is actually the original Din Tai Fung It's really small, actually

We gotta go upstairs first The service here is over the top Even my bag got a seat There's even a how-to for eating xiao long bao here Now when it comes to xiao long bao, Din Tai Fung is literally the best! So what makes the xiao long bao here at Din Tai Fung really special? It really comes down to the skin

It's the only place that does the thinnest skin for xiao long bao but still just as just as moist and just as chewy It doesn't break, as well, because the most annoying thing about xiao long bao is when you pick it up and the juices fall through Just as good as I remember it You got shrimp on top, pork inside, the skin's a bit thicker This is called Shao Mai and you eat it pretty much the same way

Literally an explosion of flavors inside We got these spicy dumplings as well Recommended by Chantelle Shrimp's really good It's a bit spicy, but it's a good kind of spicy

Mini black sesame bun Mmm, can you see all that black sesame inside? – [Chantelle] Hits the spot – I guess it's a good thing we came early, because that is one massive line And of course we get here and the lines are huge It's wrapping all the way around here

Now when it comes to pineapple pastry, ChiaTe is one of the best places in Taiwan Calculating how many we actually need to buy We made it inside finally Pineapple cake heaven Pineapple cake overload! (speaking Mandarin) That's a lot of boxes! So, you just bought you just bought a lot of pineapple cake

(Chantelle laughs) – Pineapple cake for everybody! (upbeat music) – Alright I did it! I was able to trade my five stickers to get this Star Wars mug Now what I'm going to do, since you guys have been watching this whole time, I'm going to be giving this away All you have to do is subscribe, like the video and leave a comment Make sure you leave a comment And I'm going to do a draw later on for a winner for this lovely mug

I really don't know what's in there So you could get Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, C-3PO, BB-8, Death Star, or R2-D2 So I can't believe I'm saying this, but we are at our second pineapple pastry shop This is SunnyHills, and I think we're going to buy a bit more And we have more

Oh my gosh The best part about SunnyHills was that they had free samples of their pineapple cakes to try Ximending after a cab ride, bought some for the road so we can head to the airport It was tight, but we made it happen Back at the hotel, and we gotta pack before our guy picks us up

(Ding!) Have to return this wifi thingamajig and the hotel's not going to take it They say I have to bring it back to 7-Eleven Where the frig is the 7-Eleven? I got one minute before the cab ride gets here Hopefully I can make it Okay, I think I'm at the 7-Eleven

Alright, we're in Now something's supposed to happen, I'm not really sure what Okay, she knows what she's doing Okay, so we need the address apparently No, I can't read Chinese

Okay (beep) Top copy Okay, thank you Gotta go! Alright, so I think it worked Ah, there was a complication with the addresses, but there was a destination address luckily, I put in my home address not that that matters, because they'll never ship it back to Canada, headed back to the hotel and hopefully our cab driver is already there

Made it onto the cab with time to spare How is it? – So good! (Will laughs) – [Will] She's crying a little The ice is mango, the mango is mango, the sauce is mango It's all mango (bell ringing) It's been one heck of a journey

12 days going all around the entire country, from top to bottom And we come back that much more fulfilled both in our appreciation for the country and our tummies Our time here was really about learning Taiwanese culture, feeling the "re qing", basically the warmth of the people, the landscapes, the food, if I haven't said that already Everything about the entire country I've absolutely loved So, I hope you guys have enjoyed these sets of vlogs that chronicle basically everything that we did in Taiwan in 12 days

This is Will from Going Awesome Places, signing out for the last time for these sets of vlogs Make sure you're subscribing if you haven't yet, and I'll see you guys real soon (upbeat music) – It's so addictive! – [Will] Is it really dirty? (♪ Wake up, it's getting late) – Alright super quick before the tourists come Totally got mudded (♪ Let's make this day be something beautiful) – [Will] What does that even mean? Ooh, ooh! (♪ I feel electrified)

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