Thursday, 16 September 2021
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Hardy Perfect Taupo Fly Reel – Original Vintage 1958-1962 Taupo

hey how's it going it's Kevin want to talk about a really cool real so what we have here is an original Hardy Taupo perfect these were only made from 1958 for a four-year run through 1962 and Hardy reissued them back in 2012 2011 and so what you have here is a later version it sees it as the smooth a legs foot has a line guard and what really made these real special was the width so this is a little bit wider than your standard Hardy perfect in the trout sizes that can track the grilles but it's not as wide as one of the Salmons the diameter on this reel is three and seven eighths if you kind of take a look here nice and close three and seven eighths Thabo perfect also has a line guard you can see this one has a little bit of a line burn in there it's got the smooth hollow foot and this one's also special because it has a spare spool with it too a little bit worn but these being the time-release that these were in in that late 50s early 60s era this is the enamel version so it doesn't have that letting so it doesn't get as nice of that that warning look but this one's survived pretty well over the years so like normal Hardy perfect to open this up and take a look inside you hold onto the spool and use real the face plate backwards and if it comes undone you'll see this great check system in here that's pretty well-known in the hardy Perfect's this one has an engaged ball spare since I had to set up a right hand retrieve both of these paws are engaged there is some markings in on here 24 which matches on the face plates it'll match in there on the frame and on the cage it doesn't seem to be one on the spool I'm not sure if they did those in that run but faceplate and cage have a marketing twenty four so we're going to put these back together slide back on the spool put your faceplate on real like you normally would and I'll pipe it down adjustable tensioner and these reels pair up really nicely with a heavy heavy switch rod or a lighter two handed rod the whenever these were first created they were meant for New Zealand for chasing large rainbows and browns and named after the top of lake in that region so really cool vintage Hardy perfect if you like this real like information on vintage fly reels please check out some my other videos or subscribe to my channel thanks

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