Thursday, 16 September 2021
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Freshwater Fishing Lures Presentation

Hello and welcome to TheModernFisherman Today I will be teaching you about fishing lures Including Jigs, Spinners,Spoons, Soft Plastic Baits, Plugs, Spinnerbaits/Buzzbaits, and Flies First off we have Jigs We have a couple of them that are extremely realistic and a couple that look like worms Like this pink one, Yellow one, and this White one This one is just a smaller version of this larger one butuhit still worksit jigs across the bottom of the sea and that's how you catch fish Then we have spinners We have a couple of different spinners from my collection We also have some with a furry bottom surrounding the hook so that the hook doesn't get caught by the weeds Unlike the first one here where the hook can easily get caught We also have spoons courtesy of b2b

mauricenet We have a large one with red and white on it A silver one, a blue and silver, a green yellow orange, and a silver one What these spoons do is they go throughout the water and spin around looking as if they are minnows to attract the fish Also we have Soft Plastic Baits also from my collection Very proud of that one right there It took a while to create We have a regular worm, and another regular worm with a flashing mechanism that causes fish to be attracted to the worm We also have a worm with a sinker head and a swivel We also have a couple of plugs courtesy of yachtsailingcharterscom They all look like minnows A Crayfish More minnows This is also a spinner bait from my collection What spinner baits do is they go throughout the water These little spinning items spin rapidly attracting fish and then the fish bite the lure The purpose of all these little strings are All of the little string here protect the hook here from the weeds so when in the weeds the front ones go back and creates a large barrier for the hook And last but not least we have the flies We have two flies They are cheap flies Thanks for Watching!!

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