Saturday, 24 July 2021
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Fly fishing trip packing tips – How to pack for fishing

Hi, I'm Anni from kajanaclubcom fly fishing community

And on this video I'm going to show you a small handy trick for those times when you are packing for your fishing trip This is is a simple trick to avoid the super annoying situation when you're out there And do watch until the end of the video to get a free fly fishing cheat sheet and to see the next vlog episode from a rainbow trout fishing trip So my simple but useful packing tip is this Because when you are fly-fishing you are always around or in the water So it's important to pack all your gear waterproof and the one thing that you do not want to get wet are matches when needed to light up the cooking stow I like to have different, let's say 2 boxes of matches packed in plastic bags so resealable plastic bags That way even if you fall down or it rains it doesn't ruin the whole trip That's my little tip for you today when you're planning what to and how to pack for fishing trip

If you would like to have more tips and tricks on learning fly fishing you can get my free fly-fishing cheat sheet There is a download link below this video in the description box Thanks for watching And now let's get back to fishing and back to the next vlog episode Besides fishing I'm planning to do a little video Lake fishing rainbow trout video So excuse my Finnish from here on As you can see we are in Paljakan Kalastuspuisto Small pools

Few different rainbowtrout ponds and in between small streams so nice places for fishing Looks nice And apparently there's possibility for Grayling as well Must say it's a nice place for those wanting to stay in cottage and have easy access to fishing and enjoy outdoors Really easy place for that So earlier on this video we were filming summer fishing clip for this this is actually a ski resort in Paljakka in eastern Finland and now we are continuing to film the rest of the video in these little bit more cold surroundings

So that's the plan for today It's always nice to spend a day outside Lovely winter day And now you get out there! If you liked this video click the like button, share it with your friends and fishing buddies And be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel Thanks for watching and I'll see you on the next video

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