Saturday, 5 December 2020
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Fly Fishing Rods, Reels & Line : How to Pack Your Personal Fishing Gear When Fly Fishing

Hi, I’m Jim from Zoar Outdoor on behalf of expertvillagecom

In this segment we’re going to be talking about fishing gear and especially fly fishing In this segment we’ll talk about how to pack your personal fishing gear, and I’ll be talking about my own personal preferences, of course you should be guided by what you need and what makes sense to you Generally speaking, most folks carry either a fanny pack or a fly fishing vest, which is the traditional way of carrying things However, with a fishing vest, the temptation and the problem is that you have some many pockets and so much room, before you know it you’re dragging around 40 or 50 pounds of gear and you’re only using about a 10th of that, so I like to go light and go quick and I use a fanny pack Here is the one that I use, this one happens to be a Patagonia model, but if you look in catalogs and search the internet, you’ll see that there are many different configurations

Basically what you want is a side pocket so that you can carry either a small camera or a water bottle, and you want to have pockets for tippets and other gear, and you want to have enough volume, you can see that this has got plenty of room inside so that you can pack the things that you need and no more So the idea is to go with the minimalist approach This is really good because you can carry it both in deep wading or on a float trip, or if you want to fish in a small stream or a small pond, it’s really simple to just sling it either over your shoulder like this, and you’re good to go or just clip it around your waist like this and you can access it when you need to and get it out of the way when you don’t No strain on the shoulders, and it’s got all the gear you need, so that’s my personal preference and I hope that you find something like this that works for you

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