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Fly Fishing, Picking the Right Fly – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

[Constance Whiston] When I started fly-fishing in Texas, I thought I had to learn how to tie flies But I found out that I could get flies on the internet

I could also go to my local fly fishing club, and visit with the members there and learn all I needed to know about flies I could also go to my fly-fishing store in my hometown The club is a good idea to visit because they’ll tell you what the fish are eating in your area And that’s the most important thing to know What are the fish dining on? What are they gonna eat? So the flies are tied to match the type of food that the fish is eating

One of the most popular flies is this hard-body-popper Warm water fly-fishers love to use these because the fish will literally leap out of the water to go after this fly But if they are not feeding on the surface, you might want to try a sub-surface fly like this black–bead-head- woolybooger Or maybe how about a green and white clouser? These are very popular too for warm water fly fishing There’s a large variety of flies that you can use in warm water, sponge-buds, poppers, damsel flies

But maybe you want to fish for rainbow trout at the Guadalupe River There too you can fish at different levels Fly-fishing is not all done on the surface, so you may want to use sub-surface flies like these bead-head-nymphs, or these egg patterns If you’re going down to the Texas Gulf Coast, you might want to try a pencil-popper, or a little pink shrimp pattern, or maybe this crab pattern That’s a real popular fly to use on the Gulf Coast

So no matter where you’re fishing, you need to know what type of food the fish are eating And the best way to find that out is from your local fly-fishing club, or people in the area that fish that water Find out what the fish are eating and travel to the area with the flies that the fish will dine on You want to make sure that you go prepared when you’re out fly fishing Texas

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